Club Nintendo Survey on Fire Emblem Awakening DLC is out.

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Emmy_Altava posted...
levyjl1988 posted...

Yes. It's called escalation.
DLC started off good, then came horse armor for Oblivion, look what that spawned...
better to kill off something before it does grow into an abomination.

as someone who has to argue about lgbt topics approximately once every six seconds

pulling a slippery slope fallacy like this is pretty much the quickest way to make me unable to see you with any dignity whatsoever

so there's that

Who are you again, oh wait I don't give a flying f about your opinion.
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jonnovision1 posted...
Nintendo's going to think the Fire Emblem fans are a bunch of horny kids if everyone complains about censoring Tharja's ass.

You mean they didn't think that already?