Hot Spring, Beach, or Harvest?

#1NecrojinseyPosted 5/9/2013 1:19:05 PM
If you could only choose one which would it be, and why?
#2hereforemnantPosted 5/9/2013 1:34:25 PM
Beach, so far Harvest is more annoying than it's worth, and i don't have an opinion on Hot Spring yet.
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#3GoIdenAcePosted 5/9/2013 1:36:13 PM
same, beach, and hot spring can be very hard with the amount of hi-hit enemys
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#4andodelPosted 5/9/2013 1:43:30 PM
Hot springs, because its fun map with some cool convos.
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#5RDS1Posted 5/9/2013 2:08:20 PM
Harvest. Free Master Seals, drunken Kjelle, clingy possessive Maribelle, and Lissa in a party hat.
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