DLC characters from other fire emblem

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IIRC Hasha No Tsurugi, the one Al is from, isn't canon, so that probably explains why he's not in Awakening.

Although, while the manga does differ from the game in terms of the main story (FE6 has multiple routes/endings anyway), the introduction of the Outrealms makes the case that Al's story just happened in another parallel universe.

Not to mention that Al and his crew do exist within the games as well, since FE6 has weapons that tribute them, like Awakening does with stuff like Hector's Axe.
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This is what it on the website

The manga is referenced in the actual game in the form of the items Al's Sword
,Gant's Lance
, and Tiena's Staff
, named after the three main original characters introduced in this worK
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And another site said Al is side-story to the game