Child Unit Marriage?

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User Info: andimjavert

3 years ago#1
Who did you have your child units marry?

User Info: Mudkip_in_Space

3 years ago#2
Morgan x Inigo
Kjelle x Yarne
Severa x Brady
Cynthia x Owain
Lucina x Gerome
Nah x Nobody
Any suggestions for a husband for Maribelle?
Why are Kairi's early game fetch quests so tedious?

User Info: Quetzalcoatl_88

3 years ago#3
Morgan x Laurent
Noire x Inigo
Nah x Brady
Severa x Owain
Lucina x Gerome
Cynthia x Yarne

forever alone: Kjelle, lol

User Info: Rose_Mage

3 years ago#4
Gerome x Lucina
Morgan x Kjelle
Owain x Noire
Yarne x Nah
Brady x Severa
Inigo x Cynthia
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User Info: ZerothPower

3 years ago#5
Lucina / Robin
Morgan / Yarne
Nah / Inigo
Severa / Brady
Cynthia / Owain
Kjelle / Gerome
Noire / Laurent

User Info: JudgmentAeon

3 years ago#6
And I'm not marrying anyone else, but I'm currently grinding the supports for Chrom!Cynthia and Owain just for the heck of it.

User Info: Cheesypoof

3 years ago#7
Lucina x Yarne
Severa x Owain
Laurent x Cynthia
Nah x Inigo
Brady x Noire
Kjelle x Gerome
Morgan x Forever Alone

Poor Morgan. Magic support males are hard to come by. Her mother is Cordelia, so I pair her up with one of her parents and pair the other with Sumia.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#8
Nah x Morgan(M) - I'm sure everyone and they're cat is sick of me gushing over this pair, but ... gah, their just too adorable! X3

Cynthia x Gerome - I really like their contrasting personalities and their history together.

Noire x Brady - Not as romantic as some pairings, but still kind of sweet.

Severa x Inigo - It's rather cute, though I've come to prefer pairing Severa with Owain and Inigo with Lucina. That's for a subsequent playthrough.

Kjelle x Owain - It was either him or Laurent. Their S support was kind of sweet, I suppose.

Lucina x Yarne - Pretty much the only pairing, first or second generation, that I really wish I hadn't done.

Laurent is Forever Alone
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User Info: GSSAGE7

3 years ago#9
Morgan X Inigo
Severs X Owain
Noire X Brady
Lucina X Gerome
Nah X Yarne
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