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3 years ago#1
Well, this is the third installment to CYOA: Out of Darkness. Be

And the second:

Now, before we get to where we last left our heroes of light and darkness, I'm going to do a recap of what has happened so far, and a quick description of each of the known and important characters.

So, here we go.

So chronologically, our protagonist, Anthiok is the prince of Altnoir and a divine dragon. His father is Zairthe the earth dragon and current king of Altnoir. Before the events of the CYOA, Anthiok had discovered that his father's closest advisor, Nero was after the fire emblem because he thinks it will help him find the dark tome Imhullu. Anthiok steals the Fire emblem back from him and with the help of his childhood friend, Melara, he flees south. He doesn't get far however, as he is tracked down and slain by the assassin Nymm. He hides the Fire emblem beforehand though, knowing of his probable death in order to keep it out of Nero's hands. They had kidnapped Alicia, the princess of Renarre during the same time as his death. They use her to power the Aum staff and bring Anthiok back from the dead. Since she didn't do the spell willingly, it was imperfect and Anthiok had lost his memories as a result.

He is found by two teenagers, Matthew and Lindy who take him in. That are forced to flee to Ximia after a group of bandits sacks the village. There, they meet Gina, Lindy's apprentice as a thief from several years ago, and Melara, Anthiok's friend as mentioned earlier. Together they fly north to the capital of Renarre, Reyne. There he meets a hunter named Hawk, a prince Cyrus, captain Varrus, Dana, and Peter. He agrees to help them rescue their princess and officially go to war. Anthiok rescues Alicia and a Taguel named Bramble. Once the tower where Alicia is held prisoner is secured, she goes on a diplomatic mission south to get Iocas to help in the war.

He joins her along with Bramble, Lindy, and Matthew. They find the border of Iocas under siege and the old commander of its armies dead. Prince Steven and lady Esoteria have joint command of it until a proper commander is chosen. Regina, Esoteria's younger sister also provides aid. Anthiok fights Astor, a second of his old friends in the sky above. Astor is also a dragon. Later, when he is out hunting, Astor ambushes you and captures him. He learns of your location because of the scrying caused by a dragon claw.

Bramble temporarily becomes the narrator as the Renarrdian- Iocasian coalition attacks Derdan. Lord Korvus attempts to send his son to his death, a fate that Bramble narrowly averts, although it leaves a massive scar on Cyrus' chest. Hawk and a Taguel named Thorn died in the battle, but Derdan was taken. Bramble, who was growing steadily closer to Alicia over the past month, and longer since they were in the cells, and they marry.

A few weeks later, the Renarrdian- Iocasian coalition finds the whereabouts of Anthiok and rescue him.
The enemy Altnoirian forces also find the camp and many are slaughtered. Korvus dies in the fighting and Anthiok surrenders to prevent anyone from getting hurt.

I will summarize book 2 in morning. Getting... Sleepy.
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3 years ago#2
Yaaaaaaaay a summary. I'm looking forward to jumping on the wagon here, wishing I would have joined in when I saw it originally. "Oh it's already got 80 posts.... Too much reading."
Possibly the Kellam of the FE:A boards.
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3 years ago#3
Rideps1 posted...
Yaaaaaaaay a summary. I'm looking forward to jumping on the wagon here, wishing I would have joined in when I saw it originally. "Oh it's already got 80 posts.... Too much reading."

I almost ignored your CYOA on the same basis, but now it seems I'm your only voter.........
Oh S**** you really are Kellam and that makes me Panne NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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3 years ago#4
Okay, book 2.

So, our good ol' manakete friend wakes up in Black Rock one month later. He officially meets Lorkan a sorcerer, Eleanor a wyvern Lord, and Anya a hero. Well he meets his father, king Zairthe and learns that all of the rumors about him aren't entirely correct and that he is just a mislead, but nice man. He also has the Falchion which is in a hidden vault on the back of the throne that needs his signet ring. The entire conversation was spied on, so Nymm, the spymaster and assassin who killed Anthiok would know of the location of Falchion.

Well Anthiok immediately tries to find a way out of the castle and Nymm decides to help him on the condition that he gives her his signet ring. He reluctantly agrees, and escapes that night with a new dragonstone. Nymm uses his disappearance to send Zairthe's most loyal troops away from the castle and into ambushes. Zairthe also flies west hoping to quickly end the war. Astor, Lorkan, Eleanor, and Anya take a party north on a "special mission". This leaves the castle mostly unguarded and Nero takes it over, and with Anthiok's ring, seizes Falchion.

Meanwhile as Anthiok also travels north, he aids two people, Walt and Kari, and they temporarily join him. Anthiok heads to a rendevous point discussed by Nymm so he can get his ring back. He unwittingly leads his new allies into a trap. The location was filled with mercenaries in hiding. He realizes this after he enters and tries to turn the table on his trapper. Nymm easily subdues him and Krosis uses a specialized curse that he had designed during the last few months to observe the memory of where he had hidden the fire emblem.

After the information is secure, Nymm tries to kill him again, but she is momentarily distracted by a roar by Astor who had succeeded in surviving his ambush and is currently fighting. This momentary distraction allows him to turn the tables on her severely injuring her and forcing her and Krosis to flee.

Anthiok chases after Nymm and kill her. Once he returns though, Walt is dead and Kari is nowhere to be found. Astor flies down and subdues Anthiok as he is still reeling from the day's events. Anthiok is forced to travel with them for awhile, but they lead him to his old army! King Zairthe, after hearing that his home was captured, made an alliance with Iocas and Renarre. Together they combat Zairthe's treacherous general Thane. Anthiok manages to capture Thane, but another group of soldiers turns traitor and attacks the camp. There are numerous casualties among the ordinary soldiers, but the biggest impact was when Gina is killed in the battle.

After the battle, the army marches east for a ways, but rests in a town. Anthiok gives Lindy time to grieve, but once she is done he proposes to her and they get married. The day after, Anthiok walks in on the interrogation of Thane and Thane offers to answer any one question of his. Thane reveals that Nero is looking for Imhullu, and that Eleanor's and Anya's homelands will soon be under attack. The army splits into three.

Heading west to Black Rock are Astor, Zairthe, Regina, Steven, and Varrus. They lay a quick assault on Black Rock and they easily make it inside to find it almost entirely unmanned. Astor realizes they have walked into a trap as the floors and walls are covered with an incredibly flammable liquid and explosive barrels. Astor, who entered a different way than the rest of the army with Varrus, Steven, and two sorcerers look for the man who will spring the trap and find Krosis.
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3 years ago#5
Before that group had entered, Krosis put a magical glyph on each of the barrels to explode with fire if they are disturbed, Krosis activates them, or if Krosis is dead. The group agrees to his demands of escorting him out of the castle, but he doesn't see one of the sorcerers, so she tries to counter the glyphs. Once outside, Astor and Varrus try to break his spine and turn him into a quadrapelegic since they cannot let him escape, but they fail. The trap goes off, and more of them go off throughout the empty city.

After the trap goes off, Zairthe makes it out okay, but Regina is lost inside. Astor and Varrus head in, Varrus to find Regina, and Astor to find any whereabouts of where Nero is at. Astor finds his office and narrowly avoids being incinerated in a trap, and finds the information he is looking for, a letter to Krosis on the progress of Nero's travels. He then tries to flee the castle, but it is falling apart. Varrus and Regina find you, the rest of Regina's men besides the sorcerers didn't make it, and the trio hurries to the roof where they can escape. Astor breaks his wrist in a fall after a particularly nasty explosion, and once on the roof and in his dragon form, has to make a decision about who to save since his other hand is useless.
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3 years ago#6
Anthiok is an amnesiac manakete with white hair and silver eyes. He is very loyal to his friends but hasn't found his place in the world. 1562 years old, looks 17-20. Wears white cotton clothes and leather armor when in battle. Goes around barefoot or in leather sandals.

Matthew is a talented swordsman with dark green eyes and black hair with a tragic past who struggles against his sadistic and psychopathic tendencies, while still protecting those he cares about. He is 16. He wears a coarse tunic and pants out of battle. In battle he wears leather and chainmail armor.

Lindy is a healer who, after her parents were killed had to become a thief. Tragedy happened there as well and she left. She meets Matthew and nurses him back to health after his mind had slipped years ago. Now she seeks to prevent history from repeating itself.
16 years old. She has light blonde hair the reaches her shoulders and blue eyes. She usually walks around in a white tunic.

Gina: a girl who was best friends with Lindy. She was in live with a boy named tanner, but he died and Lindy left shortly afterwards leaving her heartbroken. She lived on her own for a year, and was finally forming a new life for herself when she died.she always wore a cloak and leather armor underneath. 14 years old.

Melara: one of Anthiok's childhood friends. She is an ice dragon who is fiercely loyal to him above all else. She was even willing to betray her kingdom for him. She wears leather armor and a blue tunic. She is 1562 years old.

Hawk: he was a hunter of unknown origins. No one knew much about him. He was 23 years old. He wore a dark green cloak, a rough, brown shirt and pants and moccasins.

Cyrus: Cyrus is a young tactician and current king of Renarre. He is sarcastic and is used to being talked down to. He is a bit small for his age, but not overly so . This is enhanced by the fact that his younger matured quicker than he did and is taller. He has red hair and freckles. He wears a large blue robe. He is fifteen years old.

Varrus is a large gruff man whose hair has long dince gone gray. He is an old war hero who wishes to die protecting his king. He is always wearing his silver armor, now a bit tarnished from his past. He is 50 years old.

Dana is a large, young knight who wishes to prove herself. As a result, she tries too hard at everything. She wears her blue tinted armor which looks much too large on her already large frame. She has light brown hair, cut very short. She is 19.

Peter is a large young man who is rather laid back. He goes with wherever life takes him in battle and without. He has however decided he will be loyal to the Renarrdian guard. He wears fur pants and shoulder pads and has brown eyes and long dark brown hair. He is 20 years old.

Alicia: she is the princess of Renarre with fiery red hair and blue eyes. She was raised by her father to be a perfect lord and she acts that way when dealing with strangers. She is however fiercely loyal and willing to put her country and friends before herself. She is 13 but she is mature for her age and looks 15.

Bramble: a Male Taguel who happens to be talented with axes as well. He is tall and lean with Carmel colored fur and floppy ears. He fought against the Altnoirians alone after they burned down his forest and most of those he knew were killed. He was eventually captured and treated harshly for a month before Alicia was put in a cell next to him. He looks 19 but is actually 38.

The character bios will continue next post, which will be in a few hours.
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3 years ago#7
Esoteria: a pegasus knight with long dark blue hair that she keeps in a ponytail. She is an excellent leader and a quick, strategic thinker, but everyday conversations make her nervous and stutter. Wears light steel armor. She is 16.

Regina: Esoteria's younger sister. She is over eager and is incredibly energetic. She is the red calvalier. She wears red armor that matches her hair. She is 14.

Steven: the green calvalier and the son of Sage Solomon of Iocas. He is normally mellow, but can become frightening if his countrymen are threatened. He has grass green hair and green eyes. He is large for his age and often is mistaken for being in his twenties. Actual age is 16.

Thorn: she died before anyone could meet her.

Astor: a fire dragon who is half of an inch taller than Anthiok despite being the same age. Has a talent with weapons, but it wasn't always this way. He if fiercely loyal to Anthiok, but puts country and king before even that. He is 1562 years old.

Lorkan: a mischievous, fun loving sorcerer who was trained by Nero for a while, but has been a friend to Anthiok during the past seven years, one of his only living human friends. He has purple hair and an unknown parentage. He is 17 years old.

Eleanor: a hostage that goes two ways. Astor knows her secret, but she hasn't shared it. She is a wyvern rider with long blonde hair that she keeps in a braid. She wears normal clothes with various pieces of armor strapped on vulnerable places to remain light.

Anya: another hostage, needed for the cooperation of the Triumphant, a band of mercenaries under contract in Qurain. She never wanted to be a mercenary, but her father forced her into the role. She has short pink hair and patchwork armor.

Walt: you never learned much about him, but he had trouble speaking. You never found out why. He was 20.

Kari: a dancer who was attacked by bandits and enslaved. She was rescued by Walt, but now, her whereabouts are unknown. You may never see her again. She has lavender hair in a complicated braid.
She is 15 years old.
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3 years ago#8
Other important characters:

King Korvus: he tried to kill Cyrus and Bramble by sending them on a suicide mission, but he failed. Was killed in battle by Zairthe. He had long red hair and was very muscular. He always wore crimson. Died at age 35.

King Zaithe: Anthiok's father and Dragonking of Altnoire. Sometimes called the Demon king. A ruthless, feared warrior, but a good father and king. He is 4020 years old.

Nero: The Sage of Altnoire. He seems ageless, and has kept his position for close to one hundred years. Some say he preserves his life through dark magic.

Nymm: the spymaster of Altnoir. Played a crucial part in the coup against Zairthe. She also manipulated plenty of events and it is still not known how much damage she caused. She died at age 32.

Krosis: the apprentice of Nero. A sage with a gift for dark magic. He planned the trap with the liquid hellfire. Died at age 19.

Thane: the former general of Altnoir's sky brigade. Turned traitor and is currently being held captive by the Coalition. Age 41.
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3 years ago#9
You have a choice to make. Fire rises on all sides and soon the entire castle will collapse from the explosions caused by the hellfire. Your left hand is bent back at an awkward angle, and even as a dragon, it is useless. You look down at your two companions. Who will you save and who will burn?

A. Save Varrus
B. Save Esoteria
C. Leave them both
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
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3 years ago#10
B- I guess haven't really gotten to know either character and you were planning on killing Varrus anyway and men are the expendable gender =/ Can't we carry him in our mouth or something?
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