Sorceror > Dark Knight

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I'm.still.a newb at this. I only got halfway through FESD. But I was told Sorceror is,like, one of the best classes. So I got Miriel Lifetaker and then reclassed her but she lot twos everywhere on her stats. Are the growths going to be insane ir something? As it is right now Dark Knight Miriel was better
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S'posed to be a question mark at the end of the title, yikes.
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They're so good because they can use dark magic which means nosferatu which is relatively cheap which means pretty much unlimited guaranteed healing. Throw vengeance on, which has a massive activation rate (skill x 2) and increases damage based on health, and you get a unit that self-heals proportionally to how much damage he or she has taken.

In terms of raw stats, DKs are probably better, and the only time nosferatu is really all that useful is in lunatic. In normal or hard, DK is probably just as good for all intents and purposes.
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#4Bus3rdPosted 5/17/2013 2:03:45 AM
Only Sorcerors and unit with the skills Shadow Gift can use dark tome. Dark tome has the most broken weapon in the game.
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#5CeaseYourSaladPosted 5/17/2013 2:04:35 AM
The reason that Sorcerers are considered to be so good is because access to dark tomes means access to Nosferatu/Aversa's Night in addition to solid offensive and defensive stats. Basically, the healing that these two tomes afford, when combined with sorcerers' solid defense, means that they are going to be tanking and surviving better than any other class you can have on principle alone; a proper skillset only widens the gap. Also, their offense will not be lacking due to generally lower resistance (compared to defense) in this game.
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Sorcs are cheap. Use Dark Knight instead.

Then again, I am biased. Sorcs has OP tomes, and it's not even funny.
OP tomes, high Res, and skills be damned; I won't use Sorcs.
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