Rate the Character, Chapter 13: Henry!Inigo, Chrom!Brady and Frederick!Brady

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I thought I remembered some guidlines; posting them in future topics would be convenient.
So we're assuming lunatic for the ratings as well?

nops. any difficulty, although i say that normal!engame doesn't count.

I think i'll write them from scrath and re-post them on every topic. Should've done that from the beginning...

Final Chance.
Confession Time!
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I think TC will do nominations for revotes later on, considering how TSON will affect our standards for pairings after we all play it.

Are ratings supposed to be based on TSON? I think that would be very foolish because it's only 1 map out of over 50 and many people won't even be playing it.

It's meant for Lategame chapters. You know, the actual Endgame chapter, The Spotpass Paralogues, Powerful Streetpass Battles, DLC chapters with 3 Stars or more or difficulty (so, Tson is in the pack, but is not priority) and Lunatic Skirmishes.

I think i will re-post my Chapter 1's guide-to-vote in all chapters from now on...

Pretty much this. It's just that TSON has been hyped up as one of the biggest reasons to optimize, and none of us have firsthand experience with it yet. Of course, you don't even need to optimize that well for TSON, but you're right about me being somewhat biased towards TSON since I found pairing standards to be more lax for the rest of the postgame (not counting Lunatic+). That's before using Limit Breaker as well, which I haven't been accounting for in non-TSON skillsets.
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Umm... Sorcerer. Combined with what Inigo already gets, it's an A-rank easily.


Chrom gives Brady so little beyond Rightful King... but Brady can make some use of it, I guess. B-rank.


It's usable. Pavgis is very nice, actually. But that negative speed mod... C-rank.