What is your preferred term for the customizable main character?

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jonnovision1 posted...
how come this topic is made like once a month?

I really just make it when I feel like it, and when I know the last one's been gone for a long enough time(I don't really put a number on it).

You seem to be the first person to notice I've been making this poll for a while, though.
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I can't seem to choose between MU and Avatar.
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Spikaya posted...
I switch between Avatar and MU when referring to them as a game mechanic, and I like to use Robin when referring to the character. EH.

Pretty much this.
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I always mean Avatar but usually spell it MU because it's shorter.
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^That spoiler was totally needed.
This is where I sometimes put jokes, references and such.
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Switch between. MU for mechanics/pairings, Robin when referring to story or character (as I get tired of typing he/she, him/her, etc/etc in paragraphs and using "MU" or "the Avatar" just reads awkwardly).
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Avatar. It's the official english name, after all. My Unit/MU sounds silly.
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If we're just referring to the main character generically, I use Avatar. Saying "My my unit is so-and-so" or "What's your my unit's whatever" just sounds stupid. I don't like double possessives, they make everything sound silly.

When we're talking about gender, I usually go with MaMU/FeMU, mostly because I find the terms kind of catchy.
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