Rate the Character, Chapter 26: Frederick!Gerome, Virion!Gerome and Vaike!Gerome

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Welcome to my Series, Rate the Character! Here, we will be analyzing each and every combination of 2nd generation characters, and giving them a rank of D (lowest), C, B, A and S (Highest). These topics usually will last just a single day, so be careful not to miss them!

There is a list of the currently rated characters with a small intro to each rank for you to use as a base, if you are having trouble. But first, what do we use as a base for ranking the kids? What we SHOULDN'T consider? If you are not sure on how to proceed, take a look here:


About Revote Paralogues:

You can nominate previously rated pairings to be brought back and re-discussed. There are more details in this topic, make sure you read it if you are nominating:


Sorry for the bigger delay. Lunch + Housework and I rest my case. Also nominate Gaius!Kjelle. That last vote bugs me to this day...

Character Ranking and Nominations:

S Rank: The very best pairings, Avatar notwithstanding.
*Sumia!Lucina (0/0 !A)
*Frederick!Inigo (0/0 !A)
*Libra!Inigo (0/0 !A)

A Rank: Great pairings, can't go wrong picking those.
*Olivia!Lucina (0/0 !A)
*Ricken!Owain (0/0 !A)
*Ricken!Inigo (1/4)
*Lon'qu!Brady (0/0 !A)
*Gaius!Brady (1/4)

B Rank: Good pairings. Can work decently.

C Rank: Average and limited pairings.

D Rank: Awful pairings. Cripples the kids, or are useless.
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*Default Gerome:

Classes Available: Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord, Griffon Rider, Fighter, Warrior, Hero, Priest, War Monk, Sage, Dread Fighter.

Skills Available: Strength +2, Tantivity, Quick Burn, Swordbreaker, Deliverer, Lancebreaker, HP +5, Zeal, Rally Strength, Counter, Sol, Axebreaker, Miracle, Healtouch, Rally Luck, Renewal, Rally Magic, Tomefaire, Resistance +10, Aggressor, All Stats +2, Paragon, Iote's Shield, Limit Breaker.

Special Inheritance: Resistance +2, Demoiselle, Rally Resistance, Dual Support+.

New Classes Available: Cavalier, Paladin, Great Knight, Knight, General.

New Skills Available: Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, Defender, Aegis, Luna, Dual Guard+, Defense +2, indoor Fighterr, Rally Defense, Pavise.

+6 Strength.
+5 Defense.
+2 Skill.
+1 Luck.
-1 Magic and Resistance.
-2 Speed.

Typical Mighty Glacier. Gerome gets Luna and the Shields to greatly help him in the frontlines, and also gets Dual Guard+ and Paladin to help in support, and that's exactly what he needed to be a good physical support (well, there's also Galeforce, but he can't get it anyways). A rank.


New Classes Available: Archer, Sniper, Bow Knight, Mage, Dark Knight.

New Skills Available: Skill +2, Prescience, Hit Rate +20, Bowfaire, Rally Skill, Bowbreaker, Magic +2, Focus, Slow Burn, Lifetaker.

+4 Strength.
+2 Skill and Speed.
+1 Magic and Defense
0 Luck.
-1 Resistance.

Somewhat balanced mods, but Gerome gets basically nothing useful out of this. The best we can do is to use Bowfaire + Warrior for support, but even then, it's not enough to take this out of D rank.

* Vaike!Gerome:

New Classes Available: Barbarian, Berserker, Thief, Assassin, Trickster.

New Skills Available: Despoil, Gamble, Wrath, Axefaire, Locktouch, Movement +1, Lethality, Pass, Lucky Seven, Acrobat.

+7 Strength.
+3 Defense.
+1 Skill and Speed.
0 Luck.
-1 Magic.
-3 Resistance.

Huge Strength, crap Resistance. Vaike makes Gerome curse the devs for making him a man, because "she" would get Dual Guard+ and Axefaire in the same pack, something only possible on Avatar!Gerome. Well, since he's a man, he only gets Axefaire. That and Aggressor combine together for brutal Dual Strikes with Brave Axes, and he's still strong enough to hold his own when Aggressor is not active. Works out very well for him, A rank.
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With his mods, he pretty much has to be a tank, but it's something he does quite well

Balanced mods and that's it

Strong, decent defense, nothing horrible mod-wise,except res. He makes decent use of Barbarian, doesn't need Thief very much though
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Frederick: Makes Gerome look like Batman... and amazing support unit S Rank
Virion: Makes Gerome not look like Batman... and gives Gerome nothing... D Rank
Vaike: Makes Gerome look like Char... and Axe-Faire and Aggressor allow him to 1RKO any boss in the game, which makes Endgame and DoFP3 1 turn cake S rank.
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#5DemiseEndPosted 6/9/2013 7:39:53 AM(edited)

Not DemiseEnd!Gerome or JSND!Gerome. But I guess this can be the third best

Basically, the value of this pairing goes up considerably if you realized that Armthrift is overrated*.


It has the Ultimate Tanking Set of Sol, Pavise, Aegis. It get Dual Guard+ so it can play support. It has several cool supporter class(Hero, Paladin), sadly one of them that he missed being Assassin, but Assassin did not work as well for this because Gerome lacked Galeforce.

It also has the best player phase offense, during the time where Gerome himself actually attacked, so its pretty cool.

Overall, the only thing this pairing does not have is the speed mods.

S Rank


Canon but noskill



Has Thief. Overall Pretty underrated nowadays, although NODG+ THATS UNFORGIVABLE!

And im going to repeat again, Axefaire sucks, so the fact that this thing is force to use Axefaire is rather hurt. Pass is a solid skills though

A Rank
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#6HanierPosted 6/9/2013 7:31:37 AM
Did none of the characters from the last paralogue rank up? Damn.

S/D/A, I guess.
#7CaptainBangPosted 6/9/2013 7:34:10 AM
Hanier posted...
Did none of the characters from the last paralogue rank up? Damn.

S/D/A, I guess.

I just looked through, Lon'qu!Brady seemed to have a lot more Rank Ups then stay...
CoD players should stick to things suitable for their level of intelligence, such as flicking light switches.
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Freddy!Gerome: Very tanky Gerome, though Aegis/Pavise may be unneeded if you're going for a support role, IMO Gerome has enough defenses with Sol that he only really needs Aegis so this pairing ends up being a bit overkill, he'll also have to deal with Freddy's -2 speed mod, overall it's an okay pairing, B

Virion!Gerome: Virion's mods fight with Cherche's quite a bit, and there isn't enough new abilities to make up for it, D

The Vaike!Char: Huge overkill strength is the game, and you get Axefaire to boot, but that's really it, this pairing in my eyes is quite novelty, the thief skills are largely unneeded since you have Deliverer by default and FIghter is overlap, I recognize power when I see it but it's not quite good enough, B
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Did seriously none of them rank up? Dang. Well on to these pairings

Frederick: S. Gives PavGis, Luna, and dual guard + on top of already have Sol and Renewal. Top it off with great mods, and this is Gerome's best dad.

Virion: C. Eh, not that great but gives bowbreaker if you want to keep him a Wyvern Lord and don't have DLC and life taker. Also gets his skill and speed up, but nothing that special.

Vaike: A. +7 strength. Dang. Also gives berserker and assassin for more options.
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lol, i forgot :(

i kinda did not do all of this chapter at the same time, so i forgot... all of them ranked up
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