Marriage question.

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User Info: Nolax

3 years ago#1
I read you have to get the affection or something between two characters to max but what if a character has max affection with a few characters, does he/she get to choose?

User Info: HeoandReo

3 years ago#2
A character can have as many A supports as they want, but only 1 S support. When you get to the level where you can activate the S support, though, you can feel free to choose which person you want them to marry.

User Info: Archsaze

3 years ago#3
You can only reach S support with one character of the opposite gender

Chrom will marry whoever is highest at a certain point from Sumia, Cordelia, Olivia, your avatar (if female) and a maiden. Mariabelle too. I think that's it.

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