New to Fire Emblem, and not clear on some things...

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Big D2 posted...
OK, there's one other thing I'm having trouble with...I can keep my healers out of attack range, but then I get into trouble when enemy reinforcements come in, usually from behind. When I try to move my healers, I can't get them out of the attack range of the reinforcements, and they instantly move in for a 1 hit kill.

How do you combat this situation?

I keep my healers out of attack range, but still as close as possible to my other units. Sometimes, the enemy commander implies that reinforcements are coming, like in Gangrel's chapter or Cervantes's chapter.
Keep healers on or away from forts. Reinforcements come from there, but you can stop them from coming if a unit stands on the fort.
As for reinforcements that appear on the map edges... I don't think you can block them out. That's why I keep healers close to combat units, but still out of attack range.
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