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3 years ago#1
Hi, I'm new to this series and I just want to know the best pairings for my crew that haven't gone through marriage. So far these are my pairings for marriage:

Chrome - Sumia
Stahl - Cordelia
Avatar - Maribelle
Donnel - Sully
Ricken - Lissa

Apart from these 5 couples, how shall I pair the rest of my crew?
3 years ago#2
Laurent, Yarne, Gerome and Noire(or for mothers, Miriel, Panne, Cherche and Tharja) want Gregor the most out of the leftovers, so he should go to one of them. Yarne wants him for Vantage/Sol to frontline, Gerome wants him for Vantage/Axefaire as a Wyvern, while Laurent and Noire want him for Vantage/Armsthrift/Sol for Aversa abuse.

If he doesn't go to them, though, Laurent can take Lon'qu for Vantage, good mods and solid classes, Yarne and Gerome can take Frederick or Kellam for Dual Guard, Luna and Pavise, and Noire should take Gaius because Donnel and Ricken are already taken and they're her best dads otherwise.

For Nowi, there are a lot of choices for what you could do with her. Out of her leftover dads, Gaius is probably her best, followed closely by Vaike. Gaius gives Galeforce access along with Vantage/Sol for durability, while Vaike gives her Sol and Pavise along with other goodies like Dual Guard and Luna.

Inigo's good with most dads, but he'll probably want Libra because nobody else really wants Libra except Owain.

So overall, I'd advise something like this, mixing and matching the fathers based on your preferences:

Miriel/Gregor or Lon'qu
Panne/Gregor or Fred/Kellam
Cherche/Gregor or Fred/Kellam
Tharja/Gregor or Gaius

Nowi/Gaius or Vaike
3 years ago#3
3 years ago#4
Vaike or MU!Kjelle > All!Kjelle
Master of all things Fire Emblem Canon.
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