So is it even possible to use child characters in a no-grind Lunatic run?

#1G1ingyPosted 6/27/2013 3:17:34 AM
They all start as level 10 basic class characters. And in their own paralogues, all of them prove to be woefully underpowered, all being so weak that just any regular chump can kill them in a turn.

So how are the child characters in their paralogue in Normal and Hard difficulties?
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Morgan and Lucina are very usable, but the rest are absolute garbage without grinding. The only reason you'll want to recruit them is to get the valuable experience in their Paralogues, and even then many of the Paralogues are too difficult to reliably complete in a timely fashion.
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^Mire's SpotPass exclusive, right? If we're going to include SpotPass features, then Lunatic gets a whole lot easier and some of the children can be made semi-useful.
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WestbrickVII posted...
^Mire's SpotPass exclusive, right? If we're going to include SpotPass features, then Lunatic gets a whole lot easier and some of the children can be made semi-useful.

I got mine from Spotpass (Only using Spotpass as shops), but you get one Ch21, and Annas sell them there as well.
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The children's starting level and stats are not really relevant, since you can use rescue staff on turn 1 and pair up to hide them. It all depends on whether your own units are strong enough.
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Brady can be a heal bot until promotion so he's not doomed.
Everyone else................................... yeah..................... no.
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Morgan, Morgan Sibling, Lucina, Cynthia, and Severa are all very much usable in no grind.

Mostly because their parents are either very good or being a Chrom and thus mandatory.
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In my experience, the children ARE useful, only if you lowman (which you should be doing on lunatic.) Lucina and Morgan are a given, but Nah(even on Lunatic+) is one of the best.

If you are using just 3 or 4 pairs of parents, the children can have high enough bases to be able to be trained on their paralogues, and since they gain experience quickly from being unpromoted, they should quickly catch up.

Severa is useless though, she is too hard to recruit, and her best use is her chapter, since the thief tree is the class that gives the most experience when killed.

Just do the paralogues as early as possible and before chapter 17, because from that chapter and on all enemies are promoted and it becomes significantly harder to train them.
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In my first Lunatic run, I used four children (including Lucina), none of whom were grinded. It's not really that hard. Morgan ended up my star unit, with Lucina my second best.

Firstly remember they inherit two thirds of their parents base stats, plus some of their own, and zero internal level, and two extra skills. That's enough that they're weaker, but okay, right from the word go. They have the base stats and extra skills that they can take hits and get kills, and gain the best part of a level from each kill for quite some time.

Once they get rolling and probably take a second seal (you can buy them from after chapter 16 - as an aside, doing them after that is great because infinite second seals = great, although most side stories have a SS in them), they'll really start picking up the pace, and will soon be outclassing their parents.
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