When to reclass Lissa/Maribelle out of their first class?

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anubis_realm posted...
Leicalol posted...
I changed both to PKs at 10, with Galeforce in mind.

I was thinking Vakirie / Sage THEN to Dark Flier


Otherwise you have to struggle through ten levels of pitiful strength and an E rank weapon.
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So it's agreed then?
Lvl 10 Cleric or Troubadour
Lvl 16 Sage or Valkyrie (I have read that its better to reclass from advanced classes at even numbers)
Dark Flier
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Me, I waited until they had gotten to 20 as healers and promoted them to Sage/Valkyrie. Being a first-tier healer grants lots of EXP, so their Magic stat will be high enough for them to create havoc with a Wind tome.

Grind for Galeforce later.
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Bump. :-)
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Maribelle makes a pretty good reclassed Mage, so if you have an excess of second seals that's not a bad idea.

Otherwise, you can level clerics/troubadours pretty quickly by simply healing every turn and not ending the stage until you've healed everyone... Although this is assuming you only have one deployed.

For that reason, I would level Lissa to a level 20 cleric anyways. If you aren't grinding, neither Maribelle or Lissa are going to be able to tank. The amount of experience they are going to get healing at low levels is likely to not be much different then the amount of experience they are going to get killing things on the player phase against promoted units.
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So level until 20 then?
That's going to be boring...
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If you are going to level them to 20 as healers, I`d rather level them to 10 in two base classes (Cleric - Troubadour for Lissa, Troubadour - Mage for Maribelle). But then again, I`m a completionist so I tend to grind for all skills anyway...
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