Benefits of marrying Chrom and MU vs Chrom and Olivia?

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Chrom x Olivia is by far Chrom's worst pairing, if you're considering in-game. Well, it's about equal to Maiden, maybe a touch worse (Olivia's stat inheritance is going to be worse than the increased inheritance you get from Maiden, growths aren't a huge factor, and lol Luck+4. Class changing isn;t a factor, Cav is all you need). Conversely, Avatar x Chrom is far and away the best. Great stat inheritance, Veteran and the like. Inigo is always bad ingame, while Morgan is available quickly and early. Getting Rightful King sucks, but oh well.

Postgame wise, Olivia is suddenly the best. Chrom provides the right classes for Inigo, and Olivia gives Galeforce to Lucina as well as other useful classes. Avatar has better options, as does every other pairing Chrom could have.

I don't really see anything Olivia provides that Avatar doesn't. Well at least any options. But Morgan may as well be third generation rather than 2nd.

She allows Robin to marry someone else. Why use Robin to make Lucina marginally better (she already has everything she could possibly want from Olivia) when you can vastly buff someone like Nah (who otherwise can't get Galeforce and Luna at the same time), or make Morgan even stronger (Manakete, maximizing a stat)?

Because Robin can't change genders during the game...?