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3 years ago#1
~ ~ ~ Book One: Separation ~ ~ ~

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Prologue: Shadow of Legend
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

You stand in the main hall of a castle. Before you, a figure shrouded in darkness sits observing the six bodies hovering around him. Your master is in deep concentration, carefully scrutinizing each face in turn.

The room you stand in in is ominously dark, with violent red floor tiles to contrast with the black and gold all around. The bodies are motionless and expressionless, and levitate in front of six banners. These banners are covered with spiderwebs of rune-like inscription. You personally cannot understand the meaning, but you have no doubt your master can.

You approach him once more with the best advice you have to offer. "Sire," you say hesitantly, "These are certainly the six mentioned in the prophecy. The prophecy that states--" You are cut off by a sharp movement of his arm. He is visibly agitated, likely from the weighty choice that looms in front of him.

"I know all of this, Glirn. You must have spoken these words a thousand times. I know the prophecies as well as you, if not better. Let me consider this in silence," he says finally in a dark, commanding tone. You have no choice but to obey.

The six are potential heroes, according to your master. According to vague prophecy, they will one day unite for a noble purpose. Despite the assured status of Legend that each of them will one day hold, your master is putting all his thoughts into this significant choice. He has yet to come to a decision as to which will be most profitable.

Suddenly, he raises his hand and points to one of the bodies. "That one. It will be a glorious champion, one that will lead this world into true glory... like agony that never was. Make sure the others are placed in their proper places. Remember the procedure we discussed." With that, he turns and vanishes into the shadows.

- - - - -
He pointed toward...
A. Nysm, a young Priest who spurns the company of others and lives a solitary life of discovery. Has an interest in the magic of nature.
B. Lorin, a Wyvern Rider who dislikes violence but commands a formidable army himself. Wishes to reunite human and wyvern again.
C. Meria, a graceful Knight who believes understanding others will lead to world peace. Despite this, she wishes to be the strongest.
D. Emelia, a Thief who holds grudges and rushes into danger if anyone is wounded. Her goal is to prove that strength isn’t everything.
E. Mark, a skilled Archer whose skill with a bow rivals his skill at debating ethics with others. Hopes to one day run a nation of his own.
F. Esciacca, a noble Troubadour who always tries to believe the best of people at first. Aspires to learn everything about healing magics.

- - - - -
3 years ago#2
Let's do F again, that'd be fine.
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3 years ago#3
A- I still like Nysm's description
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3 years ago#4
I'm gonna vote F again
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3 years ago#5
Spitz_of_TFF posted...
Let's do F again, that'd be fine.
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3 years ago#6
what happened to the first one?

also, I vote D
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3 years ago#7
You raise your hand, and a burst of silver light surrounds the girl, and she vanishes. The rest of the bodies fade gradually. You shut the iron doors with a loud thud, and scurry off to serve your master.

= = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter One: Lost
= = = = = = = = = = =

Esciacca has been selected! Note: All six of these characters will show up eventually.

- - - - - - -

You awaken on the shore of a pond, with no recollection of how you got there. Nothing nearby is even remotely recognizable to you. The last thing you remember is walking along the road to the prosperous Sarcian town of Fjen, to buy food for a celebration. In Sarcius, it was the day marking the hundredth year of peace. As you look around to determine which region of Sarcius you are currently in, you notice that the wildlife nearby is very different from anything you've ever seen as of yet. You wonder just how far you are from home, and how long it will take to return.

As panic begins to rise up inside you, you notice your Heal and Rescue staves lying not too far away. With these familiar tools, you feel slightly more comfortable in this strange landscape. You now have your instruments gifted to you as an initiate of the Troubadour Alliance. With the goal of gaining information pertaining to your location, you set out to find a road leading to a village or town.
- - -

After what seems like days of walking, you stumble upon a dusty village road. You will buy a horse as soon as you are able; walking is very uncomfortable. Despite your grief, you manage to persevere until you reach the village.

By talking to the local townsfolk, you determine little else than that you are in a village called "Porck" somewhere in "Ylisse". Obviously you are in the Halidom of Ylisse, which is on an entirely different continent than your homeland. Unfortunately, none of the vilagers can tell you much about traveling to the continent of Valm. You finally manage to receive directions to another town, from which you will prepare to head back to Sarcius, when an alarm goes through the town.

Bandits are approaching.

- - - - -
What do you do?

A. Stay and fight, or at least heal injured villagers.
B. Try to escape. You wouldn't be much help anyways.

- - - - -
3 years ago#8
didn't we do this already, what happened to the story the first time?
I blame the community...
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3 years ago#9
A like the first time.
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3 years ago#10
Spitz_of_TFF posted...
A like the first time.

And I'm suffering from Déjà vu.
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