Rate the Character, Xenologue 2: Cordelia!Lucina, Nowi!Lucina and Tharja!Lucina

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Welcome to my Series, Rate the Character! Here, we will be analyzing each and every combination of 2nd generation characters, and giving them a rank of D (lowest), C, B, A and S (Highest). These topics usually will last just a single day, so be careful not to miss them!

There is a list of the currently rated characters with a small intro to each rank for you to use as a base, if you are having trouble. But first, what do we use as a base for ranking the kids? What we SHOULDN'T consider? If you are not sure on how to proceed, take a look here:


You can also nominate previously rated pairings to be brought back and re-discussed. There are more details in this topic, make sure you read it if you are nominating:


Seems like this was well received, but you can never be too sure. It didn't take a week for this series to be almost dead initially. Give feedback!

Character Ranking and Nominations:

S Rank: The very best pairings, Avatar notwithstanding.
*Sumia!Lucina (0/0 !A)
*Olivia!Lucina (0/0 !A)
*Ricken!Owain (0/0 !A)
*Frederick!Inigo (0/0 !A)
*Libra!Inigo (0/0 !A)
*Lon'qu!Brady (0/0 !A)
*Gaius!Brady (0/0 !A)
*Gregor!Brady (0/0 !A)
*Vaike!Kjelle (1/4)
*Gaius!Kjelle (0/0!A)
*Gaius!Cynthia (0/0 !A)
*Lon'qu!Severa (0/0!)
*Frederick!Gerome (1/4)
*Stahl!Gerome (1/4)
*Donnel!Noire (0/0 !A)

A Rank: Great pairings, can't go wrong picking those.
*Maribelle!Lucina (0/0 !B)
*Stahl!Owain (0/0 !B)
*Ricken!Inigo (44)
*Libra!Kjelle (0/0 !B)
*Chrom!Cynthia (1/4)
*Vaike!Severa (0/0!)
*Ricken!Severa (1/4)
*Gregor!Gerome (0/0 !S)
*Stahl!Yarne (0/0 !S)
*Gaius!Yarne (0/0!)
*Gregor!Yarne (0/0 !S)
*Stahl!Noire (1/4)
*Gregor!Noire (2/4)
*Donnel!Nah (1/4)
*Kellam!Nah (1/4)

B Rank: Good pairings. Can work decently.
*Vaike!Brady (4/4)
*Kellam!Gerome (1/4)
*Vaike!Gerome (0/0 !A)

C Rank: Average and limited pairings.
*Vaike!Inigo (1/4)
*Gaius!Inigo (1/4)
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D Rank: Awful pairings. Cripples the kids, or are useless.

*Default Lucina:

Classes Available: Lord, Great Lord, Cavalier, Paladin, Great Knight, Archer, Sniper, Bow Knight, Bride.

Skills Available: Dual Strike+, Charm, Aether, Rightful King, Discipline, Outdoor Fighter, Defender, Aegis, Luna, Dual Guard+, Skill +2, Prescience, Hit Rate +20, Bowfaire, Rally Skill, Bowbreaker, Rally Heart, Bonds, All Stats+2, Paragon, Limit Break.


*New Classes Available: Pegasus Knight, Falcon Knight, Dark Flier, Mercenary, Hero, Dark Mage, Sorceror, Dark Knight.

*New Skills Available: Speed +2, Relief, Rally Speed, Lancefaire, Rally Movement, Galeforce, Armsthrift, Patience, Sol, Hex, Anathema, Vengeance, Tombreaker, Slow Burn, Lifetaker.

+4 Skill and Speed.
+3 Strength.
+1 Luck.
0 Magic and Defense.
-1 Resistance

Good offensive mods. Sol is nice for a Sorceror, and can be proc stacked with Aether OR be in a Rightful King skillset. Armsthrift is always meh, but Sorcero can make use of it, again. Pegasus Knight gives us the awesome Galeforce and a good support class in Dark Flier, made viable by Lancefaire (which also applies to Paladin). Pretty good, but I think this lacks something. going with an A, for now.


*New Classes Available: Manakete, Mage, Sage, Dark Knight, Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord, Griffon Rider.

*New Skills Available: Odd Rhythm, Wyrmsbane, Magic +2, Focus, Rally Magic, Tomefaire, Slow Burn, Lifetaker, Strength +2, Tantivity, Quick Burn, Swordbreaker, Deliverer, Lancebreaker.

+3 Strength, Defense and Luck.
+2 Magic and Resistance.
+1 Skill.
0 Speed.

Manakete with only Aegis? meh. Wyvern Rider? meh. Breakers? meh. Sage support without Galeforce. meh (slighlty less than the others, but still). Mods? ... actually decent, outside of Speed. B rank...


*New Classes Available: Dark Mage, Sorceror, Dark Knight, Knight, General.

*New Skills Available: Hex, Anathema, Vengeance, Tomebreaker, Slow Burn, Lifetaker, Defense +2, Indoor Fighter, Rally Defense, Pavise.

+4 Magic.
+3 Speed.
+2 Strength.
+1 Skill and Defense.
0 Resistance
-1 Luck.

Cool mods. Having full Great Knight access with Sorceror isn't too bad, to tell the truth, but outside of also getting Anathema for a Galeforce-less support... that's basically it. B rank, though.
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#3heavylobsterguyPosted 7/13/2013 6:27:07 PM
Cordelia!Lucina: S. Damn she's actually really good. Galeforce, Luna, Rightful King, and Aether for offense, and Sol, Armsthrift, Rightful King, and Sorcerer for defense. Great mods too. My only problem is no Assassin class for offense, but Hero and Paladin will do nicely. Darn you IS.

Nowi!Lucina B. Stahl Nah with Myrmidon replaced with Lord. Not much better or worse.

Tharja!Lucina A. Pavise is cool and she's a pretty good Sorcerer. Can get some nice heals with Aether.

Nominating Frederick!Owain.
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Forgot to add last chapter's and my own nomination. fixed.
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#5CarmineSwordPosted 7/13/2013 7:44:22 PM
Cordelia!Lucina: S

Awesome mods. Makes a great support Sniper or Paladin. I'm not sure if this is better than Sumia!Lucina or Olivia!Lucina, but it's not any worse than those pairings. I wish it had Myrmidon though, as those mods would work great on an Assassin.

Nowi!Lucina: B

Those mods are nice, but this pairing doesn't have the greatest skill-set. Manakete access is fun though. Also, this Lucina is weak to her own weapon, which is funny is some ironic sense I'm sure.

Tharja!Lucina: A

A weird pairing that actually works. PavGis Sorcerer with Rightful King makes up for the lack of Vantage. She only has Aether for healing, but Rightful King makes it activate often enough. This pairing has such good tanking capabilities you won't even care that it doesn't have Galeforce.

Please keep doing these topics, I find them to be quite enjoyable. I keep thinking of great pairings that we will never actually be able to use.

Tomorrow should be good too, as it has one of my favorite hypothetical pairings. (Assuming tomorrow is Anna, Cherche, and Say'ri.)
#6MrSaturn1Posted 7/13/2013 10:01:44 PM
Cordelia!Lucina: S
Great mods. Makes a great Sorcerer because Sol, Armsthrift (infinite forged Aversa's Night? Yes please.) Lack of Vantage is kinda sad, but oh well. Also gets Galeforce.

Nowi!Lucina: B
Having a Manakete Lucina would be cool and the mods are pretty good but Lucina gets shot in the foot when it comes to speed and lack of nice skills is off putting.

Tharja!Lucina: A
Cool mods and makes a pretty decent Sorcerer since she gets PavGis and Rightful King plus Aether for healing. Again, no Vantage is meh, but oh well. Doesn't have Galeforce but it doesn't need Galeforce.
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Cordelia!Lucina: Would give you Sol and Armsthrift to play around with, and you still have Galeforce, good enough for an A, but still lacks compared to Sumia!Lucina
Nowi!Lucina: Aside from Manakete shenanigans Nowi wouldn't offer much, no new procs means you're still stuck with Aether, Luna and Aegis, which is alright I guess, B just for the unique class option
Tharja!Lucina: Basically Sumia!Lucina with Sorc and different mods but minus Galeforce, Pavise/Aegis makes for a killer combo with RFK, but again Sumia!Lucina pulls it off better. B
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Cordelia!Lucina is basically Stahl!Severa except w/ GL over Myrimido. The mods are good so I got to give this an S.

Nowi!Lucina is pretty meh doesn't get anything that's too great but she has enough skills to be a good support.

Tharja Lucina can be a PavGis Sorc Anathema also helps her support more. Archer overlap and no GF but I belive that this think deserves an S b/c RK access for PavGis Aether Sorc.
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Also I nominate Kellam!Severa.
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You know what? i'm changing my vote of Nowi's to a C

heavylobsterguy posted...

Nowi!Lucina B. Stahl Nah with Myrmidon replaced with Lord. Not much better or worse.

Actually it's much worse

1-Loss of Assassin support
2-Loss of Swordfaire for Paladin support
3-Loss of Vantage for Manakete... and Celica's Gale Sage (which according to you, is the best use of Vantage too)

But i'm bumping Tharja's to an A. I actually forgot about Lucina's base classes.
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