Streetpass Fishing.

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User Info: daytonthegreat

3 years ago#1
Before I even went to go to work in Rl at my jobsite, I had came up with this insane idea leave my 3DS on the whole entire day and place it somewhere where there was a lot of activity going on (Don't worry, I didn't put it somewhere where some random person would find it so easily and take it away, I literally hid this 3DS pretty well so no one could find it besides me.) 9 hours later after I hid the 3DS, I went back to retrieve it to see if I had made any progress....Apparently I did and you wont believe how many people I caught in this Lure !

Here is what I caught today :

1 Assassin FeMU
2 Berserker MU
1 Thief FeMU
8 People who had a 3DS but did not have this game.

I must say, I outdid myself there and I most certainly will do that again ! What do you guys think of this neat idea ? Have you tried it yourself ?
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User Info: Jariu

3 years ago#2
100% more streetpass for when i did that, my country sucks.
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User Info: Strawberry_Eggs

3 years ago#3
I live in New York. The population is dense enough that I StreetPass one person a week on average. I occasionally go into Queens or Manhattan as well, where I can nab even more SPs.

Still, that is a pretty neat idea for those who aren't as lucky.
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User Info: TylersTime

3 years ago#4
I usually go to conventions I recently went to EVO and got way over 100 street passes. My entire world map was full of people lol.
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User Info: maiminase

3 years ago#5
Went to a few cons this past couple of months and I just kept on getting over hundreds of passes.
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User Info: rpgking2006

3 years ago#6
I'm at university and generally pick up like at least one everytime I go to campus. We also have a Pokemon society and Fragsoc (videogame society) so it's pretty easy getting them. I've not picked up that many fire emblem players though.
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