As someone who has never played a Fire Emblem game

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Majora787 posted...
The weapon triangle is really nice at the beginning of the game, but it kind of falls off when you get strong enough.


Weapon triangle bonus depends on your weapon rank, so it becomes MORE useful the more experienced your characters are. An early-game Chrom won't get a huge bonus for fighting axe-wielders, for example, but an end-game Chrom with A rank swords will get a much larger boost in accuracy and dodge.
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Your characters get A rank in their weapons pretty quickly. That is when the weapon system has the most impact.

Later in the game you can ignore the weapon system half the time because your stats are so high they overcome any accuracy disparity*.

* Although it depends because there are still some issues like Axe users attacking a high-avoid Sword user. That can be a problem. But a Sword user can usually ignore spears, and spears can usually ignore axes. It kind of depends on how strong you've built / min-maxed / grinding your characters though.

The way my main characters are in Chp18, I would have to take like a >30 hit penalty in a weapon triangle to notice at all, and would only care at >40 or >50 penalty.
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easymodexz posted...
Later in the game you can ignore the weapon system half the time because your stats are so high they overcome any accuracy disparity.

This is basically what I meant. And with how Awakening works, it's especially accurate unless you get into stuff like the final DLC boss.
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PKRockin531 posted...
7 has a better tutorial but this one is the easiest game(you could probably beat it on Normal with your eyes closed)

FE7's tutorial is pretty ****. FE6 did the common sense thing and had an optional tutorial sequence to explain moving units around and explained stuff like sitting on forts to stop reinforcements and the weapon triangle through NPCs. FE7 assumes you don't know what genre Fire Emblem is, and the first ten chapters have almost all level one units even after you get out of the tutorial rut.
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It's by far the easiest, so yes, it's probably the best introduction.
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