Which Character do you think is Gerome's Father?

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3 years ago#41
Huff n puff 20 posted...
Vaike!Gerome is best Gerome, followed by Gregor, and then Henry.

If we talk raw stats, maybe. But if we devoted any characters we don't need to support, then only 6 out of the 12 children need Luna, which means we don't even need to optimize the other 6 and they just get scraps. In fact, you probably only need one pair with double Galeforce to beat any map in the game or 4 to quickly beat them.

Gerome with Luna actually does more than Vaike/Gregor/Henry!Gerome can ever do. The damage total overall doesn't make too much of a difference since anything in this game dies to 6 hits(two Brave hits and 4 Brave hits from behind).

And Henry is never leaving Sumia's side, so Henry!Gerome is never happening. Henry!Gerome becoming a thing was so random and wastes a magic father for a physical father.
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3 years ago#42
I personally think that Lon'Qu could be the canonical father for Gerome.

-Cherche and Lon'Qu's support convos are quite touching compared to other ones they have.
-Gerome with black hair further pushes his look of all-black and distance from everyone.
-Gerome is basically the personality of Lon'Qu and Cherche rolled together; the always serious, cold nature of Lon'Qu and the supressed not-so-serious side that Cherche has that usually comes out when talking about Minerva (hence why the Minervykins thing happened.)

Also, have you seen Gerome as a swordmaster? Swordmaster + Mask = automatic glory.
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  3. Which Character do you think is Gerome's Father?

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