Some more (mostly marriage) question

#1ZarkaiPosted 9/6/2013 1:31:37 PM
I'm on my second play through; I'm trying to pair up people with both aesthetics and utility in mind but despite browsing the stickies on this all, still need a few things cleared up.

My planned pairings:
MU x Tiki: I know this isn't the best in terms of min-maxing but Morgans epic bloodline, green hair, and Tiki's assets make this a must pairing. I'd assume its best to have Morgans final class be Manakete. Pass down swordbreaker(?) from Tiki and I have no idea from MU (+speed, -luck).

Chrom x Olivia: I got one pairing right. I pretty much have to pass down Rightful King and Galeforce. I'm guessing Inigo's class options are wide open.

Stahl x Lissa: Pass down Galeforce and Aegis(?)

Virion x Maribelle: Why does this pairing feel so canon? I'm assuming Galeforce and bowbreaker (?) to pass down.

Gaius x Tharja: Sol or Pass from Gaius? Does Tharja's ability matter? I'm guessing it just saves some grinding. Is there a best class for Noire here?

Henryx Cherche: I don't know how this pairing even happened. I bet the masked man will look good with white hair but I have no idea where to go with this one.

Kellam x Nowi: These two will make a tank. Pass on Pavise and Swordbreaker?

Frederick x Sumia: Sumia is a picky girl, really. Fred gives Aegis and Sumia (?)

Gregor x Cordelia: Armsthrift and (?)

Ricken x MIriel: What a boring couple. ?

Libra x Panne: Pass down Renewal?

To clarify, the skill that gets passed down is the last one listed in the skills slot, right? I never see this clarified anywhere. Also, any DLC really worth getting? I'm a sucker for some of the older characters so I'd figure I'd pick up the DLC for peeps like Micaiah and Elincia and get the two dlc classes as well.

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I hate bumping my own topics, but I'd really love some advice. Donnel wasn't recruited btw.. gotta keep that commoner blood out of my crew.
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Gregor x Cordelia is an extremely bad pairing.

Gregor should never be marrying Olivia or Cordelia, too much waste and hes' far too good a parent to waste.

Use this guide for help.

Optimization at its best.

Change stuff as needed since you want to marry Tiki even though Nowi or Nah are better Manakete parents.
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Zarkai posted...

Virion x Maribelle: Why does this pairing feel so canon?

Because it is. Keep this pairing. The mods matter!!!!!!!!!!!!