Why is Chrom so nice

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He lets you just marry his daughter without any resistance at all
what happens to baby lucina anyway? Does Robin claim her as well? This is weird.

His best friend and most trusted tactician. I see no reason why he would not want this. I see more issues with gregor then the avatar.

Gregor doesn't have anything to do with Lucina. Unless you meant Gerome.
Or Gregor/Lissa?
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I'm going to consider that comment about baby Lucina a joke in poor taste. XP

As for Chrom letting you marry his daughter, why not? Some people may be uncomfortable with their best friends getting in relationship with family members, but not everyone would. Chrom completely trusts the Avatar, so it's understandable that he wouldn't mind his time-shifted daughter marrying his best friend. Or said friend marrying his sister either of them or son. I mean, they're around the same age, for crying out loud. Sure there's the time traveling business, but mentally and physically, they are around the same age.

And this is coming from someone who would rather be Lucina's mother than lover. :P

You are consistently the most well spoken, level headed and polite person on this board. I agree.

...So is someone gonna post the panorama picture of Chrom holding baby Lucina with MaMU's portrait saying "i hit dat" or not?
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I assume Future Lucine giving Baby Lucina a piggy back ride while he holds a little wooden sword.

Well shiat....now I want a fanart of that NIO!!!!!

That would be amazing. xD

I know!!! Now who here knows how to draw? Or does anyone know anyone on Devart who is willing to take requests?

It's a little crude, but I managed:

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I'm a little more proud of it than I should be.
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works for me. Lol at mario reference..