Everyone please vote for Chrom!!!!!

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3 years ago#1

Are you guys really going to let 4chan win this?! it is one of the "big 5" hideouts for Owain drones, please vote for Chrom and take back control of the poll! :D
3 years ago#2
Sorry buddy, but 4chan is just too powerful
3 years ago#3
I voted for Chrom twice now just because of requests like these
Is this treason against PH Owain?
"I choose you! I-I-I-I-I-I-I choose you! You got it!"~Ash Ketchum
3 years ago#4
It was a lost battle the minute 4chan found the poll the first time. They just found the poll again so you are screwed. Not that it matters since Owain was winning before they took over.
3 years ago#5
Haha. People actually voted for Virion.
3 years ago#6
Why is Owain so popular i mean he is one of the better children and he can be entertaining at times but why all the fame?
3 years ago#7
Topic failed badly.

-Owain is still in the lead.
-Owain actually increased from 16% to 17%
-Owain overlaps the second place guy by over 100 votes, and went from a 60 vote lead to a 100 vote lead

Owain-376 (17%)
Chrom-275 (13%)

But honestly it isn't your fault. It was just bad timing thank to 4chan getting a second wave. They outnumber GameFAQS 100/1
3 years ago#8
Gamefaqs fails >_>
3 years ago#9
Owain at 18% now? Damn 4chan. Why do I even bother?
3 years ago#10
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  3. Everyone please vote for Chrom!!!!!

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