If Chrom joins Smash Bros, will he have feet?

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He'll keep his stumps and be the only character in the game who can still trip.
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He'll be wearing tissue boxes, so we won't be able to tell. Chrom is a master of the Super Fist of the Tissue Box Shoe.
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I actually debated this in my mind for a while. And while I still have no answer, I can only tell you, I hope.
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Ghost Chrom, problem solved.
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AllAroundGamer9 posted...

>Awakening character
>With feet

1/10, will play as Link or Megaman instead.
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Why not? He has feet in every CG Cutscene he's in, anyway. :P
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He'll glide around. It'll look like whenever Charizard dashed in Brawl.