How to Pronounce Chrom

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She could awaken my Falchion...

Need sleep, but mind is too far gone right now. As Desecrates said: "I think; therefore I come up with sexual innuendos". I think he said that.

It shouldn't be too hard to get in there and find her Dragon Stone.

Yeah, I've gotta go out early in the morning and see what's up with my nonexistant hours the past week, then buy beer and apply for secondary part times.

But now I'm worried I'll say something that'll get me a restraining order.

We'll I don't know about you, but I would offer her my prayer staff.

Luckily I get to sleep right after this. Just keep that loose tongue inside your head, and smile politely while the dirty thoughts flow.

Her only weakness is my Wyrmslayer.
Etrian Odyssey; The only series where hardened warriors have to graduate from killing squirrels, armadillos and grasshoppers to still get stomped by a baboon.