What's the hardest early chapter on Lunatic?

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User Info: Shadowlink33

3 years ago#1
I luckily picked up a Tiki's Tear (+5 HP, +2 all other stats for one battle) in chapter 1. I'm wondering what is the best early level to use it on. So far, Chapter 2 is kicking my ass because Frederick dies no matter what I do before I can get to a fort, so I'm tempted to use it now. Should I keep going and try and save it for chapter 3 or 4? Thanks.
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User Info: MalcolmMasher

3 years ago#2
It's Chapter 2, no contest. Chapter 3 is significantly easier; you can cripple the first two waves with a Fred/Kellam pair, and abuse chokepoints against the rest of the map. Chapter 4 has a very small number of enemies, and they only advance two at a time. Thank your lucky stars, and Tear it up immediately.
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User Info: mudkip72

3 years ago#3
Ch. 2. Surviving the first and second turn onslaughts is rough.

Ch. 3 is easier since you have Kellam as a +Def pair up partner who comes with a Javelin to trade off to Fred if needed. And the 2nd set of enemies can be outmaneuvered. (Though on Luna+ the introduction of Counter can make this hell too).
Ch. 4 is a joke by comparison since you get access to the Wireless features, including renown awards and bonus box, and there are less enemies.

User Info: Airship_Canon

3 years ago#4
This is double true on L+ thanks to it being the one true Luck-based mission in the whole thing.
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  3. What's the hardest early chapter on Lunatic?

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