What classes do you make your 1st Generation characters?

#1adismaltheftPosted 12/19/2013 1:03:43 PM
What classes do you make your parents after you pass down skills for the children?
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#2fernantendoPosted 12/19/2013 2:05:26 PM
I don't play for effectiveness, so I just usually leave them in the promoted class that makes most sense for them based on their original class, after I get what I want for each in their other classes.

I leave Frederick, Sayri, Libra, and Anna in their starting promoted classes, obviously.
I also leave Taguels and Manaketes in their racial classes, including Morgan if applicable. For Olivia, she's back to Dancer class.

For Donnel, I end him with either Warrior, or back to Villager. It sucks that he can only use the spear that's shown as part of his portrait in the Villager class, so I struggle the most with what choice to make with him.

For the rest:

Chrom -> Great Lord (pretty obvious)
MU -> Grandmaster (pretty obvious)
Lissa -> Sage (makes most sense)
Sully -> Great Knight (could be Paladin, but Sully strikes me as being more weapon-trained conscious, so great knight better matches that)
Virion -> Bow Knight (a bit more dignified than the sniper class, so matches his character better)
Stahl -> Paladin (kinda a contrast with Sully, so Paladin makes most sense if Sully is a Great Knight)
Vaike -> Warrior (makes most sense to me, as barbarian -> beserker seem to me to be enemy classes more than anything, and Warrior flows from his starting class)
Miriel -> Sage (makes most sense)
Sumia -> Falcon Knight (makes most sense)
Kellam -> General (makes most sense, as his "invisibility" seems more a character trait than a skill from his class)
Lonqu -> Swordmaster (makes most sense)
Ricken -> Dark Knight (seems more wild than Sage, even if it does include a horse, which I think matches his desire to both be a magician, and be like the sword-wielding Chrom)
Maribelle -> Valkyria (makes most sense)
Gaius -> Assassin (makes most sense)
Cordelia -> Dark Flier (makes more sense than Falcon Knight, as I imagine good-at-everything Cordelia to be both adept at weapon and magic combat, as well as do twice as much work as everyone else - the main skill from dark flier)
Gregor - Hero (of course)
Tharja - Sorcerer (makes most sense)
Cherche - Wyvern Lord (obviously)
Henry - Sorcerer (makes most sense, though once I made him a dark knight with access to dark gift which makes some sense, given his love of animals)
Basilio - Warrior (makes most sense to me)
Flavia - Hero (makes most sense based on what's available)
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#3FefnirOmega13Posted 12/19/2013 3:21:32 PM
End classes:

Avatar-M -> Hero/Grandmaster
Avatar-F -> Valkyrie/Bride
Chrom -> Sniper (Bahahaha.)
Frederick -> Paladin
Lissa -> War Cleric
Sully -> Paladin
Virion -> Archer
Stahl -> Swordmaster
Vaike -> Warrior
Miriel -> Sage
Sumia -> General
Kellam -> General
Donnel -> Villager
Lon'qu -> Swordmaster
Maribelle -> Valkyrie/War Cleric
Ricken -> Mage
Panne -> Assassin
Gaius -> Assassin
Cordelia -> Dark Flier
Nowi -> Manakettle
Gregor -> Bow Knight
Libra -> War Monk
Turdja -> Meatshield
Anna -> Trickster
Olivia -> Dancer
Cherche -> Wyvern Lord
Henry -> Sorcerer
Say'ri -> Falcon Knight
Tiki -> Wyvern Lord
Priam -> Hero
Basilio -> Warrior
Flavia -> Hero
Gangrel -> Assassin
Aversa -> Dark Flier
Emmeryn -> Sage
Walhart-> Conqueror
Yen'fay -> Swordmaster

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#4mudkip72Posted 12/19/2013 3:36:22 PM
Generally any Gen 1 that isn't Chrom, MU, or a Galeforce user will go unused with children available, so I just leave them in whatever promoted class makes the most "canon" sense if I can (ex. Swordmaster Lon'qu, Assassin Gaius, Sorcerer Tharja, Wyvern Lord Cherche).

If I barely use a unit at all, like Virion, then they're doomed to stick to their unpromoted base class for all time.
#5RDS1Posted 12/19/2013 5:07:04 PM
I train them until they max all their stats or get all their skills, and then just leave them in whatever class they were in at the time.

Except for when I wanted to do something silly, like reclassing Donnel back into Villager and having him solo the final battle.
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#6jdeo1997Posted 12/19/2013 6:13:05 PM
whatever class i feel like (aka, whichever one will give them the best skills, only to switch again for more skills)
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#7TwilightRaverPosted 12/20/2013 2:09:54 AM
I leave them in whatever their regular promoted class would be. Paladins Stahl and Sully, Sorcerers Tharja and Henry, and so on. The few exceptions:

Chrom -> Bow Knight. He gives Speed, Skill, and +1 Mov when he pairs up with another unit. Always helps when grinding. At some point I'll revert him back to a Great Lord, just for the sake of coolness.
Cordelia -> Hero. I just like Cordelia as a Hero, same as her daughter, and plus she can use axes.
Olivia remains a Dancer since it can reach Level 30 and has stats almost comparable to a capped second tier unit. It's like, sort of in between. Plus, her Dance utility is always great.
Donnel is a Hero, because axes and nice stats.
Panne remains a Taguel since it can reach Level 30 and I don't like leaving her in her other class choices. Same for Tiki and Nowi, both remaining as Manaketes.
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#8Airship_CanonPosted 12/20/2013 2:24:45 AM
MU -> Sage
Chrom -> Sniper
Lissa -> Sage
Frederick -> Wyvern Lord
Sully -> Wyvern Lord
Virion -> Dark Knight
Stahl -> Paladin
Miriel -> Sorcerer
Vaike -> Berserker
Kellam -> Sage
Sumia -> Dark Flier
Lon'qu -> Assassin
Donnel -> Hero
Ricken -> Sage
Maribelle -> Sage
Panne -> Wyvern Lord
Gaius -> Hero
Cordelia -> Dark Flier
Nowi -> Sage
Gregor -> Hero
Libra -> Sage
Tharja -> Sorcerer
Anna -> Trickster
Olivia -> Dancer
Cherche -> Wyvern Lord
Henry -> Berserker
Say'ri -> Swordmaster
Tiki -> Sage
Gangrel -> Berserker
Walhart -> Conqueror
Emmeryn -> Sage
Yen'fay -> Swordmaster
Aversa -> Sorcerer
Priam -> Hero
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#9CarmineSwordPosted 12/20/2013 8:35:34 AM
From the file where I grinded to the point where every character had learned every skill available to them:

FeMU: Sage
Chrom: Bow Knight
Lissa: Dark Flier
Frederick: Paladin
Sully: Wyvern Lord
Virion: Bow Knight
Stahl: Bow Knight
Vaike: Hero
Miriel: Valkyrie
Sumia: Dark Flier
Kellam: Sage
Donnel: Hero
Lon'qu: Trickster
Ricken: Dread Fighter
Maribelle: Bride
Panne: Griffon Rider
Gaius: Hero
Cordelia: Bride
Gregor: Assassin
Nowi: Sage
Libra: Sage
Tharja: Bride
Anna: Sage
Olivia: Dancer
Cherche: Valkyrie
Henry: Dread Fighter
Say'ri: Dark Flier
Tiki: Sage
Basilio: Berserker
Flavia: Assassin
Gangrel: Dread Fighter
Walhart: Conqueror
Emmeryn: Dark Flier
Yen'fay: Assassin
Aversa: Dark Knight
Priam: Swordmaster
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