What's your favourite game in the Fire Emblem franchise?

#1KitsuKitsuPosted 12/30/2013 11:06:01 PM
Your favourite FE game? - Results (127 votes)
(4) Genealogy of Holy War
5.51% (7 votes)
(5) Thracia 776
3.15% (4 votes)
(6) Sword of Seals
1.57% (2 votes)
(7) Blazing Sword
10.24% (13 votes)
(8) Sacred Stones
5.51% (7 votes)
(9) Path of Radiance
17.32% (22 votes)
(10) Goddess of Dawn (Screw naming it "Radiant Dawn")
11.81% (15 votes)
(11) Shadow Dragon
0% (0 votes)
(12) Heroes of Light and Shadow
0% (0 votes)
(13) Awakening
44.88% (57 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm expecting a lot of votes in FE4, FE7, and FE13. Although I can't really understand all the love that FE4 gets. Or FE7, screw that game. FE8 was best GBAFE <Flame Shield Activate>.

Personally, my fave is FE9. Running it on maniac right now since I got an emulator; it's pretty tough stuff, lots of fun ^^;

FE9 is nearly perfect. If it just had some more of FE10's polished features, it would have been the perfect game. Regardless, still the best FE game by far in my opinion. Great art, a stellar and interesting plot that just wanted me to keep driving until I got my answers, and fun gameplay. I became very attached to this game since I first bought it in 2005, and to this day I'm still attached to it.

FEA would be next. Although there are things about it that I despise (The AWFUL maps and the nonexistent plot, as well as shallow <but entertaining> characters), the game was just a lot of fun. When it comes down to it, having fun is what counts, right? That, and it's portable ^^

FE10 would be 3rd. For similar reasons as to why I liked FEA. Gameplay wise, it's very polished and the a lot of fun. Unlike FEA, it also actually had good maps. So what's hurting it? Crappy (though still better than FEA) plot, and even shallower characters that can't even be entertaining due to the completely garbage support system. It killed the chance to dive deeper into some of my favourites from FE9, and I'm still having a hard time forgiving that out of FE10. It was also console locked, which hurts it a bit more. Regardless, I thought FE10 was a great game, and I had a ton of fun playing it and replaying it.

Then it would be FE8. But I don't feel like writing something up for 4th place. QQ Sacred Stones, QQ.

PS. Didn't include FE1-3 because screw old school. Actually, it's because I doubt many people have played it and even then, they weren't that good... That, and only 10 options max QQ.
#2Majora787Posted 12/31/2013 12:18:05 AM
Yeah I don't get the FE7 train either. It was easily the worst Fire Emblem I played between 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 13.

I really liked 9. The Tellius Saga is my favorite and has most of my favorite characters, not to mention my favorite finale of the other sagas which largely end in dragons.
I'd take Other M over Super Metroid, Skyward Sword over OoT, FE11 over FE7, and fresh molten crap smeared all over my face over Persona 2. Come at me.
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I wish I could vote for 2 of them, Awakening & The Sacred Stones
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Why isn't #3 listed on here?
It's the one I started on...
#5Zaccy34Posted 12/31/2013 3:46:00 AM
Path of Radiance, fantastic game, in the middle of replaying it.
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TalesOfGod posted...
Why isn't #3 listed on here?
It's the one I started on...

I did include something of a footer about that... Well, you can always vote FE12 as FE12 is basically a remake of FE3 (at least if I recall correctly)
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Aaaaaaand the "overrated" game in the franchise still curb stomps in the voting thread.
#8DOTBHDDPosted 1/2/2014 9:28:47 AM
Like many people, I only played Awakening and fell in love with it at chapter 3. So I had to pick Fire Emblem Awakening. Plus, marriage and having an avatar is something I loved too!
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Rurouni720 posted...
Aaaaaaand the "overrated" game in the franchise still curb stomps in the voting thread.

FE7 is not winning.
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#10DominatedMindPosted 1/2/2014 10:38:10 AM
I liked FE4 the most. Aside from that, I really enjoyed FE9 and FE6. I had the most fun with those and really liked the characters as well. I enjoyed FE7 and 10 too but not to the extent of the other games. I can see why lots of people don't like some of Awakening's qualities; it's really tropey.