class and skills for frederick.

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3 years ago#1
Right now fredrick is at level 12 Great knight. I am thinking reclass him when he is level 15. Which class is good for Fredrick? What skills are good for Frederick?
3 years ago#2
Great Knight or Wyvern Lord is fine for his final class, though you probably want Deliverer from Griffon Rider, and MAYBE Aegis from Paladin.

General's Pavise skill is near useless since Freddy's defense is already pretty high.
And by endgame, he'll be playing support anyways.
3 years ago#3
I personally wouldn't recommend reclassing him. At level 15 he learns Dual Guard+, and that's a great time to permanently relegate him to a support partner.

If you want to reclass him anyway, most of his class options have good skills for him. General has Pavise, Paladin has Aegis, Wyvern Lord has Quick Burn and Swordbreaker while Griffon Rider has Lancebreaker and Deliverer. Take your pick of which of those you like, plus Luna they're all good skills (Dual Guard+ is a lot less good on a frontline unit but still okay. Quick Burn would likely be better though).
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3 years ago#4
Thank you. Which class I should reclass him first?
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