The Internet has ruined the game for me

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I only take it as far as I can until it stops being fun. For this game, it is the best pairing, but only out of the options I like. I don't worry about classes. For Pokemon, I consider natures and use strategies that work for them, but after breeding 500 bagons until I finally got an adamant one, I decided to stop being fussy.

Do what works for you, but remember it should only go as far as increasing enjoyment goes. If you find yourself stressing, it is probably worth stopping.
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The only things you can really screw up on a FE save is right now: 1)Missing the boots; 2)Screwing up the marriages/children(and their inheritance skills as well for Galeforce mostly), 3) getting people killed. Anything else you can recover.
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I agree with Strawberry eggs! Avoiding things on games you may be fairly interested in may do you good in terms of experience. I managed to avoid the entire hype around Super Smash Bros. Brawl when it was coming out --and so was thoroughly surprised by every single character who made an appearance in that game, for instance, as well as plenty of other things.

That is something many people cannot repeat, hehe. It also keeps notions of "overrated" and "underrated" and other opinions out of the way so you can form your own opinion before being influenced subtly by others.

After said opinion and such is formed, then you can go see what the rest of the internet thinks about it (and still take it with a grain of salt).
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