Can't decide what class I should make my female avatar into.

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Tactician->Cavalier is always a good choice. Getting Discipline and lance access in addition to swords and high move in non-desert chapters is always a boon and will get any weapon level you desire up to snuff very quickly- hell, you only need one level in Lances to be able to wield Javelins, and with Discipline that's all of eight fights- and Paladin and Great Knight are both pretty decent classes. Cavs and Pallies also have pretty solid and all-around defences too.

Mercenary is alright, and Armsthrift will help on occasion... but it's promotion tree isn't as good as Cavalier's for the most part. You get three more move as a Bow Knight but it has simply awful skills and stat spread (and also you get the amazingly useless bows, causing you to always be in a state where you can be struck without countering sans Levin Swords), and Hero, the better of the two choices has solid stats, access to Axes, and Sol but ends up with 6 move.

(Also, I've been looking for the best strength/flaw combination for a Griffon Rider MU and +Str -Luck pretty much fits the bill.)
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CharizardFire posted...
I don't think Dread Fighter is going to work here...

Haha yeah, wasn't paying enough attention :D.