who is your favorite?

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I'm shocked! he's so fregging boring ^~^;;

He's one of the few smart characters in the game. For one, he doesn't instantly trust an amnesiac found lying in a field with weapons.

Of course, once his Chrom (and TRAINING!) obsession takes over, it's all downhill.

Didn't you enjoy his plan to boost moral by hanging paintings of a naked Chrom in everyone's tent?
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HayashiTakara posted...
I'm shocked! he's so fregging boring ^~^;;

He's our favourite pyromaniac.

Strong, noble and dedicated.
Her non serious moments are adorable.:http://i.imgur.com/DV50Lom.jpg.
Her electra complex is hilarious: http://i.imgur.com/ot1vvCt.jpg
and i love her overall design.
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Design-wise probably Cherche
overall Frederick and Lucina
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Damn I like so many. Tops are Maribelle, Stahl, Vaike, Henry, Donnel and Severa. Following that I like Lissa, Gaius, Sumia, Cynthia, Olivia and Nowi. I like the combinations of these characters personalities and supports.
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top 3 males


top 3 females


that is all.
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HayashiTakara posted...
I'm shocked! he's so fregging boring ^~^;;

He's our favourite pyromaniac.

Not to mention he spends his leisure trippin on shrooms, lol
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Nowi. Just too adorable.

S8n is gr8n.
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Favorite Female: Tied between Tharja and Tiki.

Favorite Male: Tied between Gaius and Chrom
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Favorite female: Maribelle. Drill hair, parasol-fu and her dream of being a lawyer make her awesome.

Favorite male: Laurent. I like the subtle differences between him and his mother and most of his supports are really good (with the exception being his and Nah's.) Also RAINBOWS
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