Your personal Top 3 male and female marriage choices

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Cheesepower5 posted...
Besides, have you seen his official art? That relaxed facial expression with the deep green eyes... *girlish sigh*

You mean the one where he's in mid-yawn?
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DominatedMind posted...
Cheesepower5 posted...
I like Stahl (dem eyes,) Frederick (dat LOYALTY) and Henry (dat blood.)

What eyes? They're lines. Good to see someone into good ol' Freddy. I would like to know what you meant by dat blood though; plenty up for interpretation there. For me it'd be the awesome blood he passes down by being a good dad.

It's Kellam who never opens his eyes. Or maybe you're thinking of Oscar? Stahl has a few faces with closed eyes, but they're open most of the time.

The blood thing is his obsession. Basically, I'm saying Henry is funny.

Good ol' Oscar, he and Stahl'd make a great pair. Yup now that I think about it you're right. Yeah know he's obsessed by the macabre but wondered which part of it you meant. Poor Kellam winds up alone in my games.
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For the Male Avatar

1. Tharja - It would be a shame to have someone who invests so much energy into your well being not be the one you choose for a soul mate for the rest of your life.

2. Sumia - Loyal and trends towards the "unconditional love" side of the line which is always welcome in a life partner.

3. Lissa - A nice, vibrant, all-around colorfully happy personality. Undeniably honorable.

4. Lucina - IF AND ONLY IF the avatar is a child (smallest body size setting) which would put maybe. I won't go into depth in this, you all know exactly what I am talking about.

For the Female Avatar

1. Chrom - It's not because of the krereararaomie (What the hell kind of a name is that?) Morgan and Lucina siblings is just... awesome. Period.
2. Gaius - Funny guy,
3. Stahl - I would put him into number one position but I read somewhere that the stats he gives morgan are terrible. Perfect choice though.
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Cheesepower5 posted...
For a male Avatar, I like Sully (dat confession,) Severa (dat tsundere) and Cherche (DAT back.)

For a female Avatar, I like Stahl (dem eyes,) Frederick (dat LOYALTY) and Henry (dat blood.)

Are my reasons shallow, or am I just too lazy to elaborate? You can decide yourselves.

My my, ladies and gentlemen we have a lost scoundrel in the boards. Shouldn't you be out in a club somewhere getting drunk and listening to rap culture?

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Male avatar:

1. Sumia

Really liked the way she and the avatar bonded
Felt more natural than chrom x sumia supports.


....... Honestly enjoyed the supports a lot
Her surprise at the proposal Mamu did sold it for me.

3. Sadly haven't played through As third time and just might not.

Really bummed out about the three save slots thing but if I'm going to choose a third then I'll choose Cherche.
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