The most amount of damage one of your units have done?

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Without any rallies my avatar can pull 312 damage but only if he has +MAG/-LUK or +MAG/-STR and he is pairing up with either a "S" ranked Miriel or Tharja (I paired up with Tharja to get this damage.) and to have a forged Aversa's night equipped.

I haven't got my rallies all completely setup the way I wanted to but I did however try it out....only to give me an additional 20 damage with just Rally spectrum and Rally Love.

All this was done towards a weak barbarian with no RES at all...

...If you're aiming for maximum damage, here's what I did for the 522 above. [Magic]
Weapon: Book of Naga
Ignis [Vengeance if you're REALLY pulling for it]

Pair Up with any Sage @ A or S rank. [I was with Mari!Lucina]
Rally Spec, Heart, Magic, Skill
Tonics up [Magic, Skill]
Ran Solidarity and Anathema to maximize crit%.
Wait+Spec Dance.

Target Team is Raigh's because he has Wyverns with 2 RES.
[Better: Para 22, with a Wyvern Rider!Dagdar [0 RES/Wyvern]. This also allows for a Counter/Miracle unit to be on the enemy's side which allows for Vengeance.]

Ignis+Crit = 522 Damage.

Maximum MU Magic Damage potential:
60 MAG [+MAG/-DEF]
+5 TF
+2 A+2
+2 Tonic
+9 Pair Up
+4 Spec
+4 MAG
+2 Heart
+2 Spec Dance
+4 Surge
94 MAG
+10 Aggressor
+42 Vengeance
+45 Effective BoN
+2 Weapon Rank Bonus
193 Attack:
Critical: 579 Damage [R!L!M has 6 more MAG than MU, so he caps at 597.]

Physical caps: (Same deal except Classes are Warriors instead of Sages, the Faire is Bow instead of Tome, and the Target is Peg Knight!Deirdre/Amelia, and the weapon is Parthia.)
636 [V!G!M], 615 MU.

You know I had never had considered about using vengeance for maxing out the damage. It is usually harder for me to actually take the damage since my DEF and RES are always maxed out but I did however consider Ignis for adding more damage since it is more easier to use. Not only that but I haven't even used any of the tonics and I had never used DEF as a flaw (I used LUK instead.) Did you try using Vaike!Gerome!Morgan yet ? I heard he is supposed to hit above 630 if done right if you made Morgan have 1 hp and having vengeance activate with a crit. Also its kind of the same exact thing you have been doing but its with two rally bots using Rally Love, STR, LUK, Specturm and Skill.
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Did you try using Vaike!Gerome!Morgan yet ? I heard he is supposed to hit above 630 if done right.

Listed that one. Hits the soft Damage Cap at 636.
I personally haven't done it, but I've had a V!G!M on a Playthru, ran him as a 'zerker. It was great. [71+5 STR with Aggressor and Axes laughs at things (Never had the kid marry, nor did I actually do anything with him, but I did have him have a flat 114 ATK before Aggressor)]
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