I can't bear to pair Virion with anyone. Is there anyone he's decent fathering?

#1darkflagrancePosted 3/8/2014 1:02:40 AM
So many people criticize Virion for passing down little in the way of skills, and that's basically right. Virion is essentially good for sage, deliverer, two faires, and some breakers. No Vantage, no Armsthrift, no Galeforce, no activation skills. So is there any kid who appreciates these things from a father? I feel bad whenever I read Virion's solo ending...
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#2FowhawkPosted 3/8/2014 1:05:02 AM
Of all the people Maribelle is somewhat okay because Brady already has all he needs. But in the terms of passing down raw stats and maybe a useful class, Lon'qu, Libra, and Henry outclass him.

So in short Maribelle if you must but be really has no nice niche anywhere.
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#3CarmineSwordPosted 3/8/2014 1:19:38 AM
He works ok as a father for Yarne also, although Virion!Yarne is basically a slightly worse Ricken/Stahl!Yarne that lets you give Ricken and Stahl to other kids.
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#4legendriderPosted 3/8/2014 1:22:30 AM
Visions solo ending prevents me from leaving him unpaired.
But yeah.

I mean, if you're optimising and all that, I suppose it all matters.
I made him father Severa.
One of the child units that isn't too badly affected by him, as she can manage with what she's got already (also Miku Hatsune *shot*)
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#5QJD1381Posted 3/8/2014 1:25:37 AM
I wish Virion's unpaired ending wasn't so depressing, that way I'd be able to let myself leave him forever alone.
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#6RepinkradPosted 3/8/2014 3:37:48 AM
What's his solo ending? I had him paired with Chere which ended up with her fixing his reputation back in his home country.
#7darkflagrance(Topic Creator)Posted 3/8/2014 3:42:16 AM
Virion returned home to Rosanne, where he was labeled a traitor and a coward, or else ignored entirely. He never battled these claims, but history shows he gave the rest of his life to the people.
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#8MelonGxPosted 3/8/2014 6:49:52 AM
General overview:
Virion and Lon'qu have similar mods, and both are suit for children who don't care about father with any specific skill.
But Virion's mods < Lon'qu's mods which makes him always to be had less priority.

For children don't care about father:
Virion!Brady: A-
Virion!Cynthia: Not exist
Virion!Severa: A-
Virion!Yarne: A-
Virion!Laurent: B
Virion!Nah: B+

* Owain, Inigo need a father who can give Luna.
** Kjelle, Noire need a father who can give Pegasus Knight class.
*** Gerome needs a father who can give Berserker class.
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#9TisroeroPosted 3/8/2014 8:29:05 AM
legendrider posted...
(also Miku Hatsune *shot*)

*revives* Up, brother. On your feet.
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#10Strawberry_EggsPosted 3/8/2014 8:37:29 AM
I remember months back that Virion as Inigo's father was a minor fad. Was that mostly for the hair color? While I prefer darker hair colors on Inigo, I admit that he looks good in Virion's silvery blue.
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