I can't bear to pair Virion with anyone. Is there anyone he's decent fathering?

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General overview:
Virion and Lon'qu have similar mods, and both are suit for children who don't care about father with any specific skill.
But Virion's mods < Lon'qu's mods which makes him always to be had less priority.

For children don't care about father:
Virion!Brady: A-
Virion!Cynthia: Not exist
Virion!Severa: A-
Virion!Yarne: A-
Virion!Laurent: B
Virion!Nah: B+

* Owain, Inigo need a father who can give Luna.
** Kjelle, Noire need a father who can give Pegasus Knight class.
*** Gerome needs a father who can give Berserker class.

Out of that list, Severa and Nah do care about their father. Severa is a watered-down version of her mother without Luna or Vantage. Nah gets nothing and she's in desperate need of skills. You say that Owain and Inigo need Luna, but why is Severa and Nah not getting Luna less important? Brady literally has all the skills he needs, he doesn't need any fathers help so he's technically Virion's best.

Mods, after a year of playing this game, does not make a huge difference in the long run. The only real mods that matter are if you play without LB, and only a few exclusive units can pull this off, not all 13 children.

No, Gerome does not need Berserker. He's never needed it and people who say he does is just doesn't know insanely easy it is to one-round in this game or overhypes the need for pointless "perfect" support.

In short, Gerome and friends don't really care about their fathers in general, but giving them GK is because that's the only optimization worthwhile. In reality, nobody needs a good father but Luna/DG+ greatly increase the children's limited skill pool.
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It's not really Sailor Moon Severa as much as it is classic Tsundere Severa.
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