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User Info: YayorNay

2 years ago#21
Aversa killed the children because Chrom was hungry.

I never knew Chrom was a cannibal... yikes!
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User Info: Ephraim8

2 years ago#22
Validar was showing "Grima's Truth" to everyone because he stubbed his toe
Why....? what kind of reaction is that

User Info: SpellcraftQuill

2 years ago#23
Gregor and Lon'qu are practicing "swordplay" because Roy was announced for SSB 4. Silly would-be Khans, only Lords get in!
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User Info: SuperSaiyan234

2 years ago#24
Male MU and Female Morgan are "strategizing" because all of the adults were killed
Wow, what are the chances of getting this!
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User Info: ryugin55

2 years ago#25
Emmeryn killed Gangrel because Chrom was hungry...
I blame the community...
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User Info: vermillion719

2 years ago#26
Chrom and Gaius went to the circus because Nowi lost her ability to turn into a dragon. Can't imagine what they thought that would accomplish.
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User Info: Chrizzel28

2 years ago#27
Walhart went on a rampage because the camp got destroyed... Whoever destroyed the camp is ****ed.
"If you can find money to kill people, you can find money to help people." Tony Benn

User Info: Sythstrife99

2 years ago#28
19 and 3

Chrom and Male MU are coming up with a new battle plan because....all of the adults were killed. Wait...they would be part of "all adults"....ZOMBIE MU!

User Info: Awsomdud

2 years ago#29
"Validar is showing "Grima's Truth" to everyone [because] they wanted a pony"
What the...
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