Does anyone else....

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Cordelia- Randgriz (5 bucks to anyone who gets the reference)

Valkyria Chronicles. The name of the Archduchess of Gallia.

Randgriz is actually taken from Randgrid, the name of a valkyrie from Norse mythology. There is a valkyrie named Randgris in Ragnarok Online. The difference in the last letter comes from differences in transliterating from old Norse into English.

On topic: I name forged weapons by type rather than by character so I can reduce the length of the weapons list. Though the only one I named so far is 5/15 Celica's Gale to Air Cry (+10 to anyone who gets this one), because I don't like having a character name in the name of the weapon.

I can't fit King's Sword of Haste for Eirika's Blade. >.>
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Nice try Dorami. But I won the 5 bucks.
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Nice try Dorami. But I won the 5 bucks.

You'll get nothing and you'll like it.
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Oh, and my DLC People's Republic of Marth has a forged Rapier named "Small Sword", after the weakest of the rapier-family weapons in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow.

I thought he was Puerto-Rican Marth.

Proletariat Marth has many names; People's Republic of Marth is just the one I like the best.
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Does anyone else....

Yes. Whatever you are about to ask, yes. Someone out there does.
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The only forged weapon as made so far, because I'm just lazy I guess, is a forged Alms blade I gave to Morgan(M) called the Tact. Saber
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