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2 years ago#281
BrianTheLegend_ posted...
I've just decided everyone has their own growth rates. Only changing them if the class chosen is a unique. Otherwise, growths will just stay the same in mine.

Sounds good. I'll probably do something similar, except I'll add a flat 10% growth to all stats upon promotion to a second-tier class, and a 10% regression if second-sealed into a first-tier class.

Special Classes such as Bride/Dread Fighter etc. will have their own 'standard' growth rates.

Also, do you think the 'special' promotion items such as the Ocean Seal, Knight's Crest, or the Guiding Ring that Silas currently has, should:

1. Allow the user to promote into a third-tier class once they reach a second-tier class at lvl 10 or higher.
2. Function like a Master Seal upon promotion, except an extra 10% is added to each stat's growth rate (effectively increasing it by 20%)
3. Unlock an exclusive 'branched' class promotion. For example, if Silas is eventually second-sealed into a Dark Mage, he can then use the Guiding Ring to become a Summoner (FE8 class) in addition to a Sorcerer or Dark Knight (no growth rate increase though).

You can only pick one of the above.

Also, it appears options A and C have taken the lead, meaning we'll first receive medical attention and then attempt to recruit the mysterious archer. I'll hopefully be updating this segment later this evening.

In addition, Levi, Anna, and Symond have been voted to receive the bEXP. Here goes:

Levi, Cavalier: lvl 3->4

21/ 7 / 2 / 8 / 7 / 5 / 7 / 2
- / +1/+1/+1/+1/+1/+1/ -
21/ 8 / 3 / 9 / 8 / 6 / 8 / 2

Anna, Trickster: lvl 3->4

HP/St/Mg/Sk/Sp/Lk /De/Re
32/13/16/16/18/21 / 6 /12
+1/+1/+1/ - / - /+1 / +1/+1

Symond, Thief: lvl 3->4

18 / 5 / 2 / 8 / 13 / 4 / 4 / 2
+1/ +1/ - / - / +1 / - / - / +1
19 / 6 / 2 / 8 / 14 / 4 / 4 / 3

Whoever prayed to the RNG Goddess, thank you!
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2 years ago#282
1 I shall vote no more.
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2 years ago#283

Well, I never pray because I consider it to be useless, yet I'm blessed with high natural luck, so that may have helped.
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2 years ago#284
Aranvoid posted...
1 I shall vote no more.

Huh? Why is that?

EDIT: Also, two votes for option 1.
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2 years ago#285
1 and 3

cause anarchy
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2 years ago#286
TestPilotVGC posted...
Aranvoid posted...
1 I shall vote no more.

Huh? Why is that?

EDIT: Also, two votes for option 1.

Because I wish to destroy your sto- I mean help it.

I'm kidding man, keep up the good work.
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"I'm never alone. Heroic blood or not, my friends are my strength!" -Unknown, from Begonian Legacy
2 years ago#287
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2 years ago#288
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2 years ago#289
A and C win. Treatment first, and then... maybe a new ally?

“Oww…” you groan. Taking stock of your physical well-being, you feel aches and bruises all over. Investigating each of the purplish-green abrasions on your skin, you are relived to find that the pain is comparatively mild. Hopefully there are no broken bones. Continuing this process, you notice a deep gash in your left shoulder, earned when you reflexively twisted sideways to avoid a direct blow from one of the Risen Fighters.

Normally, tolerant to the site of blood, you begin to feel a little woozy, noticing just how much of it must have leaked through that wound during the battle. Shambling over to Anna, you notice the rest of your crew surrounding her as well.

Symond seems relatively well off; he has a few bruises and scratches, and a nasty gash in his cape, but the majority of his injuries seem relatively superficial.

Bianca too got off easy. A few patches of black soot stain her uniform, presumably the sites of impact from a couple fire spells. Besides her disheveled appearance, she seems alright.

The cavalier duo and Lawrence are another story. Lawrence is clutching his arm in pain as Anna treats him with her Heal staff, fashioning an impromptu splint out of some wood and a couple bandages.

Levi is bleeding heavily from a cut on his forehead, his left eye closed to prevent the blood from running into it. His horse is limping too, an arrow protruding from his rear flank. Dismounting, Levi staggers to the left, revealing the heavy scorch marks he sustained from the Risen mages. Several wounds along his right arm and leg pulsate with an angry red glow. And yet, they don’t bleed, presumably cauterized by the intense heat of the flames.

Corin… looks like a pincushion, the back of his armor apparently having blocked several arrows as he was taking cover from enemy archers. Much to Anna’s dismay, he removes the one embedded in his left shoulder first. It slides cleanly out with a light popping sound and little blood. Grasping the shaft of the arrow between his teeth, Corin sets to work removing the other arrows. His groans of agony increase in pitch with each arrowhead removed. At the end, you hear a startling *crack*, realizing that Corin bit the initial arrow in twain.

Sighing at his recklessness, Anna silently tends to the injuries on his back, before doing the same for Levi. As she approaches you, you try to wave her off.

“Surely the others need attention more than I”, you say despite your wounds.

She shakes her head. “All the others were already treated.”

Sighing, you sit down on a nearby rock and let her minister to your wounds. A light blue magic issues forth from her Heal staff, surrounding the bruises on your arms and legs in an all-encompassing glow. As the pain starts to fade, you look over at your shoulder, flinching in surprise as you feel a slight tingling sensation. Blood flow ceases, flesh begins to knit itself back together, and soon the only evidence of that blow is a thin white scar across your shoulder.

“Are you alright?” Anna asks worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” you wave her off. “It’s the first time I saw my wounds being healed before my eyes. I honestly expected it to hurt more.”

Attempting a trademark smirk, and settling with a tired grin, she says With a small glimmer of pride, “Only the best healers can completely eliminate pain. But I am skilled enough to drastically lessen it.”

“And for that I am grateful.”
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2 years ago#290
Looking up, you see the enigmatic green-haired archer from before a short distance away, neutrally staring at you.

You suddenly feel a tad embarrassed to have been seen in such a vulnerable state. Shrugging it off, you get to your feet and walk over to the stranger.

“Thank you for your assistance. My companions and I are quite grateful. I’m Duke Edmond of Glasden.”

“The duke of Glasden…” the stranger says in a muted tone, forgoing to offer his own name. “Why are you in Graav?”

“We had heard rumors of an illness that swept the land, as well Graav’s problems with bandits and these undead things we’ve dubbed Risen.”

“You call them Risen, hm? That is a fitting name for them.” Turning away from you, looking over the valley, he gestures with an outstretched arm. “And what do you know of these Risen

“The ones we just faced were created by Grima itself.” The way the archer is facing away from you makes it difficult to gauge his reaction. “From what we gathered, they usually seem to be spawned from reanimated corpses. Whether they died a natural death or otherwise is unknown.”

“You are right in saying that these things were once people.” the archer says softly as he turns around. “They were once friends, family, brothers, sisters, cousins, parents, lovers. And now… This is what they have become…” Trailing off for a moment, he continues in a stronger voice, “My name is Zan. I have dedicated my life to exterminating this pestilence ever since they wreaked havoc upon my village. If you are continuing your journey through Graav, then allow me to assist you. It seems we are likeminded.”

Holding up a cautionary hand, you interject. “I didn’t come here to eradicate all of the Risen. My initial reason was to see to the safety of Graav and her people, and to find some cure for the illness that plagues them. But seeing as the Risen have become a threat, we will deal with them as necessary.”

“Risen seem to attack wherever people are gathered.” Zan frowns. “If I travel with you, I will still be fulfilling my mission. Allow me to give you this as proof of my intentions.” Reaching into a dirt-brown satchel, he withdraws the peculiar white scroll from earlier.

“This… this is a Dread Scroll?” you question, as you analyze the ancient parchment with its telltale red string.

“Ah so you know about these?” Zan asks curiously.

“Precious little.” you admit. “Just whatever some of the lore around Glasden had to say on the subject. Which wasn’t much.”

“Well, these scrolls are said to be icons of warriors possessing great combat strength and magical prowess who cross time and space to do battle.”

“Sounds like a lofty legacy to look up to.” You and Zan share a grin.

Suddenly, as the sun dips low in the sky, painting the canopy a brilliant collage of hues, you realize it’s getting late. What’s worse is that you’re all fatigued, and near the edge of a mountain, making travel by night hazardous. And who knows whether other Risen are prowling about?

What do you do?
A. Travel through the valley come nightfall and hope to find a town.
B. Set up a makeshift camp on the spot.
C. Ask one of your allies for advice (pick one)
D. Your custom plan.
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