Second opinions on these pairings?

#21Misha-HeartPosted 7/11/2014 10:58:46 PM
Stahl!Severa is possibly the best choice for her. Luna and Vantage means you can make her whatever you want. Many people prefer Lon'qu!Severa, but Stahl!Severa is more diverse.
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#22Firaga_Burst(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2014 12:55:20 AM
Okay so updated pairing list so far thanks to all the help:

Chrom x FeMU

Henry x Sumia

Vaike x Nowi

Fred x Olivia

Ricken x Lissa

Gaius x Tharja

Donnel x Sully

Gerome x Cherche

Stahl x Cordy

Kellam x Panne

Libra x Maribelle

Lon'qu x Miriel

Stahl and Lon'qu may be swapped but I need to do more research. Libra!Inigo intrigues me so I want to look into it more but I dunno what I'd do with Frederick then. Alternatively, I could give Libra to Owain and let Brady settle for Ricken. Gregor could go to Laurent but I feel Stahl/Lon do the job well enough.

Besides those last few uncertainties as of now, I'm pretty satisfied with how this is looking on paper.
#23Firaga_Burst(Topic Creator)Posted 7/12/2014 8:27:07 AM
Bump. Any opinions on new pairing list?
#24Misha-HeartPosted 7/12/2014 9:17:02 AM
You're still missing Gregor. If you're that worried about mods(they don't really make/break units like most people say), give Gregor to Panne and Kellam to Cherche.

Honestly, between Gerome and Yarne, the latter's better with Armthrift.
Yuri/Shoujo-Ai is the purest love. No questions asked.
Sakura Trick has brought forth hope and will revolutionize the world.
#25MelonGxPosted 7/12/2014 3:50:46 PM(edited)
Fred x Cherche is bad, even worse than Virion x Cherche.
Unless you insist on Fred's Dual Guard+.

Virion!Gerome @ Warrior
Str+4, Bowfaire - aka. Str+2, Berserker

Fred!Gerome @ General
Str+6, NO Weaponfaire - aka. Str+1, Berserker

Besides that, Virion gives Hit+20 and more hit boosts, but Fred only gives Outdoor Fighter.

Kellam x Cherche is even worse than Fred/Ricken x Cherche.

So if you don't want Gerome to be a nah tier, only pickup anyone who has Berserker or Sniper.
Sniper > Berserker because physical supporters should always face up the accuracy problem, unless you're going to generate a super-high-Str Morgan to replace Gerome.
Sniper fathers give hit+20 and more hit boost skills but Berserker fathers give none.
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#26MelonGxPosted 7/12/2014 4:00:43 PM(edited)
Libra!Inigo is mainly used as a tank. He can replace all Vantage!Laurents.
But for being a Galeforce+Proc hit & away attacker, he has a same problem as Lon'qu!Severa - you need to keep his HP low enough to make Vengeance efficient but keeping low HP will make him die by the 90-99% Dual Strike's activation failure.
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