Best Overall Character (Series)

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RJWalker243 posted...
Arthur is not tally better at all since the same complaints against Ced ( he can't keep up with the army) can also be applied to Arthur except it's more severe in Arthur's case since he needs babying as well if he's going to promote before chapter 9-10.

What the heck is your idea of babying? He comes on chapter 6 being able to hit 40 (with magic) He comes over killing and stays that way. Fee and Patty are characters you have to baby. Arthur has the Holsety he can stomp the arena, is one of best contenders to kill Blume and his daughter, does much more then Sety on chapter 8.

The arena from chapter 7 and 8 alone can get him to like a 10 you would have to ignore giving him kills if yours doesn't promote till chapter 10. He can promote on chapter 8, chapter 9 at the latest.

Sety doesn't do crap on chapter 8. He will get one or two dragon knight kills but that's about it while Aless and others are at the bosses doorsteps before he can even bother walking down there. So now we are at chapter 9 Sety is basically is at his base but now Arthur can promote have more movement and still kick ass.
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