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11 months ago#1
You must do one of the following. - Results (88 votes)
Marry Inigo, Bang Owain
62.5% (55 votes)
Marry Owain, Bang Inigo
37.5% (33 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Choose wisely.
11 months ago#2
Can't I have both by simply marrying one of them?
Regardless, I'd marry Owain and do Inigo because he's a hoe
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11 months ago#3
The former for sure.

Owain is a good sex toy. Inigo is a good husband.
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11 months ago#4
This is kind of hard. I would choose Owain as a husband and as the guy I would take to bed, but if I had to choose I guess it would be option one. He is just one of those guys you can tell would be a lot of fun under the covers ;)
11 months ago#5
Probably the first one; Owain seems like he'd take it much more personally when I blow him off to chat up girls. Inigo at least could understand where I'm coming from.
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11 months ago#6
11 months ago#7
Not even a contest. Bang Owain marry Inigo.
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