Wife Challenge:Cordelia VS Nowi! (Round 1)

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17Master posted...
Chrizzel28 posted...
Ok, so why the heck is Nowi not winning?

Because people have different tastes than you. Take all the time you need to recover from the shock and impact of that statement.

I-Impossible! Blasphemy! Ngh...!
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asdfggghh1 posted...


Cordelia VS Nowi
Tharja VS Olivia
Cherche VS Lucina
Say'ri VS Anna (I dunno, I'll be voting Anna.)
Kjelle VS Cynthia
Severa VS Morgan (F) (We're all going to die.)
Noire VS Nah
Tiki VS Flavia
Emmeryn VS Aversa (Abstain)

I don't understand how Kjelle can be a better wife than Cynthia.
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