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Owain Optimization Pairings! Advice? (Archived)hoangvin44/26/2013
Such a noob at this game (Archived)1GATORFAN84/26/2013
Would your jaw drop if... (Archived)
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Just how much better are the children vs the adults? (Archived)kirbymaster10144/26/2013
What to do with Say'ri? (Archived)FrostDancer28954/26/2013
Priam With Ragnell (Archived)NakedSam44/26/2013
Your reaction: MU could have twins if married to a male other than Chrom. (Archived)
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gregor!brady not crazy? (Archived)anondum74/26/2013
Clarification on MU reclassing (Archived)SnakeX0654/26/2013
Think of five FE Awakening characters. (Archived)Gold_Vanguard94/26/2013
Think of your favorite FE character and someone on this board before entering. (Archived)
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Is there any way to "transfer" a unit from one save file to another? (Archived)GalladetheGreat44/26/2013
DLC Discussion topic (Archived)vanguard2934/26/2013
Master Seal question. (Archived)wufei870644/26/2013
Which character do you think works best as Morgan's sibling? (Archived)
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final boss questions [SPOILERS] (Archived)
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Putting counter on a bow user is mean. (Archived)Gold_Vanguard94/26/2013
I need some advice again OTL (Archived)Toadstery14/26/2013
The support conversations in DLC... Wow (Archived)
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Length of gameplay (Archived)
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