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list of classes (Archived)Hubnnick24/24/2013
I can't be the one who... (Archived)1998_z104/24/2013
I want to Marry Tharja! (Archived)
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Trying to find the Fred/MU Luna+ guide (Archived)Kitoari34/24/2013
Are you excite to find out which new DLC pack will be released tomorrow? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Question about Renown transfering to other files... (Archived)Knight_Of_Order54/24/2013
Happy Birthday Laurent! (Archived)
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Think of 1 FE:A character that's the oppisite gender of you before entering! (Archived)President_Marth54/24/2013
Parent Character Guide Help Requested (Archived)burgerkong14/24/2013
So I was looking at Priam (spoilers) (Archived)bearclaw1364/24/2013
Best Pairings possible? (Archived)I_Play_RS104/24/2013
So after S ranking a pair (Archived)PyschoRaiden64/24/2013
Is this your first Fire Emblem game? (Poll)GalladetheGreat84/24/2013
C/D next fire emblem should (Poll)peter_88844/24/2013
Question about Childrens stats. (Archived)Blinxhero64/24/2013
They should have just called this "Shipping: The Game" (Archived)VioletZer074/24/2013
Think of a Fire emblem awakening charecter before you enter... (Archived)
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little class help (Archived)ToBy888864/24/2013
You can get a Crit on Lethality...? (Archived)
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I'd really like Aversa to have a son. (Archived)
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