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Best class for Noire is obviously a dark knight .. (Archived)fatelord24/21/2013
So is the only time Chrom cries when *SPOILERS* (Archived)MozillaFennekin84/21/2013
Chrom ... A paladin or a Great lord ? (Archived)fatelord54/21/2013
Think of someone from awakening, then enter (Archived)
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Quick Advice (Again) MyUnitxChrom (Archived)nmesethh14/21/2013
Question about children (Archived)Darcos34/21/2013
Does Chrom have a shield (never played awakening) (Archived)victinivcreate144/21/2013
I guess once you marry off Gaius... (Archived)superange12834/21/2013
High Base lvl grinding without DLC (Archived)Konkyou84/21/2013
*enemy reinforcements come out of bases, attack in the same turn* (Archived)
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so what does the "mt" stat mean? (Archived)onslaught4954/21/2013
best Parents for each child (Archived)RawstyleEevee94/21/2013
What difficulty should I play? (Archived)
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Fairly new, are these pairings good? (Archived)
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Best fathers for each child... (Archived)
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Any good FE4/5 LP's? (Archived)EternalBlizzard84/21/2013
Will canon marriages ever be revealed? (Archived)
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Quick question about dying on Casual (Archived)shingui564/21/2013
What is the most damage a unit of yours has done in ONE hit? (Archived)
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question about second seals (Archived)SchLeiM94/21/2013
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