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Just needing some opinions on this noob on 1st Gen Pairs... (Archived)
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question about character limit (Archived)UltimateKaiba54/19/2013
So... my streetpass plan was foiled (Archived)MasterAndNewbie44/19/2013
Can someone please confirm if the EU version has dual-audio? (Archived)RelentlessStorm64/19/2013
ITT: We make character-specific skills (Archived)
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What does TSON stand for? (Archived)superange12874/19/2013
Can you replay the DLC levels? (Archived)PyschoRaiden64/19/2013
CynthiaXSevera support *spoiler (Archived)DemiseEnd14/19/2013
Got my game, preorder artbook and eShop points card. (Archived)BeanBeanKingdom14/19/2013
Is Challenge pack worth it ? (Archived)fatelord34/19/2013
Do you use Iote's shield for your fliers? (Archived)
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Aversa and some of the other DLC chars. (Archived)Ancel1224/19/2013
Gaius!Noire or Ricken!Noire? (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh44/19/2013
Flying Nosferatu... (Archived)lucariofan2344/19/2013
Best DLC maps for fringing exp,supports, etc (Archived)
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Lodestar Build? (Archived)xGreekAcex71444/19/2013
ITT: Fan-made titles (Archived)
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Best Critical/Skill Quote, Day 18: Cordelia (Poll)
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I hear people are planning to use Sol in TSON (Archived)Engel84/19/2013
If there were 3rd gen children...*spoiler alert* (Archived)
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