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I deleted my 42 hour quest. (Archived)
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Olivia x Libra? (Archived)
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Has anyone tried to reclass Frederick to a Cavalier? (Archived)MarioLinkGenofa64/15/2013
I just played the demo, and I assume this celebrates the series? (Archived)
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Do you give people who you usually have together on the battlefield team names? (Archived)Slicey_Dicey74/15/2013
How do you know if a streetpass team is randomized? (Archived)alien80344/15/2013
Is there any way to tell if I've StreetPass'd a "real" team? (Archived)Ghetsis94/15/2013
So why does each DLC have its own board on GFAQs (Archived)
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Flying units have the worst deaths. (Archived)Gold_Vanguard64/15/2013
lunatic pairings without grinding? (Archived)Cybat64/15/2013
Putting the title of this game into..... (Archived)Sealed_Seal14/15/2013
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Knights of Iris Official Poll Results (Archived)
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Which DLC gives out Rift Doors? (Archived)
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Poll for the men! part 2 (Poll)
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I picked Aversa to be Morgan's mother in my 2nd playthrough. (Archived)Runesamurai34/15/2013
Who has not lost a single unit at all? (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w74/15/2013
Nah is the cutest FE character ever (Archived)fddsfsasf94/15/2013
Maribelle is bad. (Archived)
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