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Gregor!Gerome is way better than Vike!Gerome (Archived)Brady672_AT_fan84/17/2013
Vaike!Gerome... (Archived)
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Who should My Unit marry? (Archived)DT_Mudkip64/17/2013
Grinding out limit breakers is a pain. (Archived)CarefreeDude24/17/2013
100% Support Log Is So Close I can Taste It... (Archived)gunarm_dyne74/17/2013
Let Us Resort to Childish Namecalling (Archived)gunarm_dyne94/17/2013
Best Child Supports (battle-wise) (Archived)
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Would you have been willing to wait an extra 6 months... (Archived)
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Nintendo is confusing Celica DLC with Cecilia (Archived)teamaquashock24/17/2013
Shaq wishes he could jump that good (Archived)Fwahm34/17/2013
If you did everything completely right, what is the best possible team? (Archived)iammaxhailme54/17/2013
Is it possible to miss the paralogues (Archived)JohannKraus64/17/2013
You know, Lon'qu!Laurent!Morgan is actually kinda incredible... (Archived)Uryvichk14/17/2013
Donnel as a gambler is overpowered (Archived)DemiseEnd74/17/2013
Does Donnel have purple hair? (Archived)BedsheetGhost64/17/2013
Out of Sudden boredom... (Archived)mewinator94/17/2013
Magic Avatar and shapeshifting Morgan (Archived)sapphir84/17/2013
The ideal parent, Day 13, Aftermath. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
What did everyone think about the story? (spoilers) (Archived)levyjl198854/17/2013
Fire Emblem 5CD OST (Archived)
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