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Turning Lon'qu and Yen'fay into a Chinese/Japanese hybrid.. a tad racist? (Archived)
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I got enough gold to recruit a promoted spotpass unit in hard mode. (Archived)Is_Corrupted53/31/2013
Alright, so maybe it's not okay to let MU marry all the women.... (Archived)CarefreeDude53/30/2013
I finally completed all Support Conversations between 1st Gen Characters! (Archived)Enfusionist73/30/2013
So what's this about pairing Chrom with only some girl so you have perfect kids? (Archived)Weiki Weiki83/30/2013
Does the story get any better? *spoilers (Archived)
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So how ridiculously strong are the strongest one DLC enemies are? (Archived)
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It's so fun to be overpowered on lunatic. (Archived)
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Mass Marriage (Archived)
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Can i make brady a dark mage or sorcerer (Archived)sonic9302163/30/2013
Just solo'd 70% of Ch.16 with Anna. (Archived)SmashStrike63/30/2013
What song do you think would fit which character? (Archived)
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You're favorite FE: Awakening child! (Archived)
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Similar Games? (Archived)SaintOfHate83/30/2013
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Strongest One DLC scaling question (Archived)ShadowMegaSoul103/30/2013
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Does being in a dlc class effect the growths, and max stats for the Children? (Archived)killernomnoms173/30/2013
Ricken and Henry...what's up with their reclass options? (Archived)
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