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Gotta feel bad for Severa*spoilers* (Archived)SazukeEX73/18/2013
Does the mother need to be a pegasus knight to pass galeforce? (Archived)Dark_Link60463/18/2013
This game needs more same gender supports (Archived)SnarfAndSophie43/18/2013
a little help (Archived)MetalGearPoose73/18/2013
Should I use forged Silver weapons or Brave weapons? (Archived)Gold_Vanguard23/18/2013
Whats the easiest way to lvl after reclassing a unit? (Archived)abbeldydoo33/18/2013
Is this normal? (Archived)
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Mirage Village (Archived)fireemblemomega43/18/2013
When can I access Paralogue 22- A Hard Miracle? *spoilers* (Archived)thompsontalker723/18/2013
Lunatic to Lunatic + (Archived)ShinobiRain63/18/2013
Underdog on Nah? (Archived)Luminozero53/18/2013
*Upgrades Donnel to Mercenary* (Archived)thompsontalker723/18/2013
Sage or Sorcerer for DLC Micaiah? (Archived)fuzzylittlbunny63/18/2013
Oddity about Ch. 12 (Archived)ItIsAPsyBorg23/18/2013
Question about Chrom's offspring *spoilers* (Archived)RPGNinja123103/18/2013
Which pairs are optimal for final 2 children? (Archived)BlueDryBones193/18/2013
Does Focus skill work like Relief where you can still activate it while paired? (Archived)RPGNinja12343/18/2013
Is there a way to save my Files when i transfer to The Pikachu 3DsXl (Archived)sonic9302133/18/2013
Are YOU having trouble with stated marriges? Heres a quick guide to help. (Archived)
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Will they release a special Fire Emblem 3DSXL in the U.S.? (Archived)raazychx73/18/2013
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